Rockies release MLB Spring Breakout roster featuring Adael Amador, Chase Dollander & more

The Rockies MLB Spring Breakout roster will feature some very exciting names

Colorado Rockies Photo Day
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This last December, the MLB announced one of the most exciting changes that they have made in recent years. There has seemingly been significant changes every offseason over the last few years including larger bases, a runner on second base to start extra innings or the "robo-ump" that is coming soon.

This announcement will have people everywhere excited as fans will get to see all of the top prospects in their organization in one game. The spring breakout was announced as a way to see teams top prospects go up against each other, with each team playing at least one, seven-inning game.

Rockies Spring Breakout roster is loaded with top prospects

The Rockies released their roster today and fans will be glad to see that it is loaded with a number of the Rockies top prospects. For the Rockies squad, it will feature every top 10 prospect (according to MLB Pipeline), and 15 of the top 16 prospects. This team will be a very interesting squad to watch.

A few key things to keep an eye on is the fact that fans will get an early look at the top pitching prospects in the system (Chase Dollander and Sean Sullivan). They will also get to see a few more interesting arms lower in the system like Jaden Hill, Isaiah Coupet, Angel Chivilli and Juan Mejia. The last few names I mentioned feature crazy upside with a lot of upside.

The position player group has a good mix of lower-level minor league players, along with some top prospects that we will likely see at some point in 2024. The outfield group could be one of the most talented outfield groups in the whole spring breakout series. It features six of the Rockies top 10 prospects: Yanquiel Fernandez, Jordan Beck, Sterlin Thompson (though he can play some infield), Zac Veen, Cole Carrigg, and Benny Montgomery. This will be a fun group to watch in the spring breakout game as they are all loaded with upside, many of them being potential 20-20 or 30-30 guys.

One of my favorite names to keep an eye on this year is Drew Romo. Romo had probably the hardest path to the major leagues as a switch-hitting high school catcher; that is a position that doesn't make it to the big leagues at a very high rate. Romo has moved quickly thanks to his elite defense and ability to lead a pitching staff; Kyle Freeland even praised Romo's work this spring.

Fans will get an extended look at top prospect, Adael Amador, but one name to keep an eye out for is former top international prospect, Dyan Jorge. Jorge is the Rockies' number seven ranked prospect and is praised for his defense and hit tool. He is a big kid at 6'3 and is growing, it will be interesting to see him join the older prospects and play alongside other top players in the system.

This will be a very fun series to watch, and the Rockies should have an exciting team. The spring breakout series should do really well for the MLB and fans (as long as we can actually watch it). I look forward to the series this year and the coming years as fans will get to take a better look at the top prospects in the system.

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