4 prospects the Rockies should not trade

With the Rockies in the midst of a full blown rebuild, they have 4 players who could become cornerstone type players for a long time.
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Sean Sullivan

Another college pitcher that is new to the Rockies prospect ranks is Sean Sullivan. The Rockies went pitching heavy in the 2023 draft, selecting Sullivan one round after drafting Dollander,taking the Wake Forest lefty 46th overall.

Sullivan is a fastball-heavy pitcher, throwing it over 70% of the time in college, but it's a good one. He doesn't possess elite velocity, hovering around the 88-92 mph range, but was among the best in all of college baseball in K/BB ratio and whiff rate.

"He has ranked among the NCAA Division I leaders in K/BB ratio and whiff rate despite relying almost solely on a fastball that parks around 90 mph...peaks at 95, and hitters know it is coming because he throws it nearly three-quarters of the time. But they still can't touch it because he uses his 6-foot-4 frame to deliver it from a low release height and wide angle that produce tremendous carry up in the strike zone."

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There are some reliever concerns with Sullivan, but those are mainly because of his low three-quarter arm slot. He has been able to control the zone and should be able to continue that into his major league career. He started off 2023 well, with 10 strikeouts and one walk in just four innings. Sullivan has the potential to be a really good mid-rotation starter behind Dollander, and the Rockies need to see his development through. A rotation of Dollander, Sullivan, Freeland and a few other high upside arms is fun to dream on.