Colorado Rockies: The base knock celebration and what it means

Keep an eye on the reaction the next time a member of the Colorado Rockies gets a base hit. You’ll probably see a short celebration that has quickly become a big part of the team’s culture.

So what does the base knock celebration by the Colorado Rockies mean?

Much like the MVP chain that is given out after the game that celebrates an individual performance, the Rockies have figured out a way to enjoy the moment during the game when an at-bat resulted in a hit, otherwise known in baseball lingo as “a base knock.”

While it may look like a player is grabbing the handlebars of a high-riding motorcycle, the gesture is meant to symbolize “knocking on a door,” according to Ryan McMahon. Josh Fuentes credits the base knock gesture to teammates Alan Trejo and Garrett Hampson and it has become a team-wide celebration any time a Rockies player gets a hit.

You will see Fuentes make the knock sign after this double against the Reds on Sunday.

“Hitting is very, very hard so when you get a base hit, I’m all for celebrating it,” Fuentes said. “I know sometimes I will kind of flip my bat and that’s not anything disrespectful. It’s just I’m excited I got to hit it (the ball). I love the celebrations. Everyone’s kind of involved and everyone’s excited. You just got a hit and when you look at the dugout and everyone’s giving you the knock back, it feels really good and you want to chase that feeling.”

The breakdown of the celebration is pretty simple. One knock for a single and two for a double. What happens on a triple? Fuentes said the team hasn’t come up with a regular sign, while McMahon said he thinks the player standing on third needs to give the two-knock sign and put a leg up as well. That’s a development we’ll have to watch as the season goes along.

Connor Joe has become a big part of the celebrations as well since joining the Rockies on May 7. Heading into Monday’s series opener in San Diego, Joe is 9-for-29 at the plate and has one double (two knocks, mind you) to his credit.

He’s also become a big believer in the power of the knock.

“Man, I’m having so much fun,” Joe said with a smile beaming that Rockies fans have come to adore. “I like seeing my teammates have success. It’s just as much fun as if I’m getting the hit.

“To be able to bring us together, even if it’s a silly thing like that celebration we do, it’s great because we all know we’re pulling for each other. We’re all wanting success for each other and that’s going to build something special.”

So keep an eye on the baserunner the next time a Rockies batter reach base. The base knock action is not only a way to celebrate an individual accomplishment, but also another way to bring the team together.