A Colorado Rockies Thanksgiving

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What Colorado Rockies fans have to be thankful for

It is that time of year again, turkey, stuffing, green beans, and the works. People are about to line up all over and their father is going to ask them, “What are you thankful for, kid?” So what, as one of the most miserable teams in baseball, would the Colorado Rockies have to be thankful for? Despite the terrible season, it isn’t all doom and gloom for the team in Denver. Let’s look at the positives.

Coors Field

Despite its age, I am still thankful that Coors is still one of the best ballparks in baseball. It is gorgeous, with a superb view of the mountains, great deals on tickets, and nice, cheap beer (for a ballpark at least). There isn’t much to say here, beautiful ballpark, high-scoring games. What more could you want?


The (non-Front Office) Staff

While I can’t find much to be thankful for in the people who run the Colorado Rockies team itself, I can find thanks for those who are on the ground every home game working with fans.

For those who luckily avoided this stupid news story, Zack Hample came and threw a tantrum at Coors Field this past season, having an altercation with one of the ushers, putting him in his place. The one thing that Hample highlighted in his video was not what he intended. He intended to make these employees look bad, but all he did was call himself out and show what some of these workers deal with daily.

I do not know John (the employee from the video), but I know people like Mary and Beverly. The community loves them and put up with so much stuff they don’t deserve while getting so little thanks for it. So here is at least a small morsel. Thank you to the workers at Coors. It wouldn’t be the wonderful place it is without their help and contributions.


The Great City Connect Jerseys

I, like most people, would like to see the team wear something other than the green pants with the City Connect uniform. That said, I think the uniform itself is exceptional; the socks are outstanding, and the hat is incredible. We may have lost the awesome black vests, but I am thankful that the Colorado Rockies did something special with the uniform. I look forward to getting one soon.

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