Colorado Rockies: It’s time we talk about Jordan Patterson

It appears that every almost every guy who was called up last year, but has yet to be called up this year, is on a hot streak. Jordan Patterson is another player who is on a serious tear down in Triple-A Albuquerque. Due to that, now the question is when will he get his shot with the Colorado Rockies again?

The last year that Patterson played in a Colorado Rockies jersey was back in 2016. He only played in 10 games and had 18 at-bats. In those 18 at-bats, he got eight hits and a pair of RBI, leading him to a slashline of .444/.474/.500. He was also used as a utility player, which could be good thing going for the Rockies this season he even played a few games at first base. However, that was the last we heard of Patterson in the majors. 

When Spring Training rolled around this year, there was a serious battle for players to get on the bench. Patterson was a candidate on that list, but he was optioned down for the third time in a row to Triple-A. As the story goes, this left Mike Tauchman, Ryan McMahon, Tony Wolters and Pat Valaika on the bench and we all know how their seasons started. The bench was in a tailspin and roster moves were being slowly made. 

Yet Patterson has been down in Albuquerque ripping it up … but still no call up. Patterson’s stats are looking as good as ever for the Isotopes with his .270/.375/.545 line and a nice 15 homers and 44 RBI. The guy can hit and he’s got obvious power with the 15 homers.

Not only that, but he can drive in runs something that the current Colorado Rockies bench hasn’t really been able to do. The odd thing is he’s been playing good baseball like this for the past few years … and still no call-up since 2016. 

There could be a few roster moves made that could give the bench some light, but the Rockies are slow to move when it comes to that. So it could take a while for them to actually notice how well he’s playing before giving him the chance he deserves. If you don’t believe me, look at how long it took for Tom Murphy to get recalled. Hopefully by the time the second of half of the season rolls around, the Rockies will do right by him and give him a spot on the bench. It can’t hurt anything with the way his numbers have been looking for the past three years. 

Patterson has been playing great baseball for the past few years … in Triple-A. He hasn’t been called up since 2016 for some reason, but now the time seems right. The fact that he is a versatile player and can be used at a plethora of positions should make the Rockies jump for joy, but they have yet to make a move to bring him in. It makes me question how much more does Colorado have to see from this guy before they give him the call. Either way, Patterson deserves a spot on the bench and it’s been long overdue.