Colorado Rockies: Give Raimel Tapia a Chance

The Colorado Rockies season hasn’t been the one we’ve hoped for so far. It certainly hasn’t been the a good one for the Rockies bench. While looking through the players that reside on the bench, a name has been absent for quite some time. The man I’m talking about, and have been talking about for quite some time now, is Raimel Tapia. 

Raimel Tapia has been stuck in the Colorado Rockies’ Triple A affiliate for the entire season. He’s been a solid stand out for the Isotopes, but yet hasn’t received the call up. While in Albuquerque Tapia has had a pretty great season. He’s got a slashline of .291/.334/.513 with 10 home runs and 43 RBI. How he hasn’t been noticed is baffling and a bit questionable. The crazy thing is the Rockies continue to let the bench struggle offensively while Tapia is playing good baseball a state away. 

Staying on the topic of the bench, it’s not something that gives us hope that the Colorado Rockies can really depend on these guys. Other than Tom Murphy, who like Tapia deserved to be called up a lot earlier than he was, the bench is questionable when there is a time for a clutch at-bat, especially when Murphy is starting, which he has been doing more of lately. Ryan McMahon hasn’t met expectations this season and was finally demoted a few months back but has since been called up.

He’s just now gotten his first home run in early June after 85+ at-bats. Tony Wolters is also struggling with a .155 batting average, but still gets to start in games every once in a blue moon. If he continues down this route, then he’ll most definitely lose his spot to Tom Murphy. 

Now if Wolters were to get sent down since Murphy is on a hot streak right now, then who should they call up? I think you’re starting to get the idea, Raimel Tapia. The Rockies should give him an opportunity to prove that he deserves to be on the bench and even get starts every once in a while. If Mike Tauchman can be given a second chance with his 2018 batting MLB average being .094 then there’s absolutely no excuse as to why he shouldn’t be called up for the first time this season. 

The Colorado Rockies are at a serious crossroads with trying to figure what’s going on with the team. Sometimes changing up some of the faces on the bench helps. Raimel Tapia is a guy that has yet to be called up all season and we’re nearing the end of the first half. The Rockies are most likely hoping for a comeback after the All-Star break and Raimel Tapia could genuinely help them out. I, personally, have low expectations for call-up as the Rockies have been slow when making roster moves. 

All in all Raimel Tapia is a guy that the Colorado Rockies need to call up. Not only did he come in clutch for the Rockies in 2017, but based off his current stats show that he can help out his team. As we get deeper into the season the players on the bench may be a key component for the Rockies. Having a guy like Raimel Tapia sitting in the dugout ready for whatever Bud Black will throw at him should not only be reassuring to the front office, but the team as well. Raimel Tapia deserves a chance and when he’s given that opportunity he’ll show the Rockies his worth.