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Aug 11, 2015; New York City, NY, USA; Colorado Rockies third baseman N. Arenado (28) reacts after lining out against the New York Mets during the second inning at Citi Field. Mandatory Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rockies continue their homestand with three games against the Washington Nationals beginning Tuesday night — but first, there’s this!

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If you’re anything like me, by August, you really enjoy when the Colorado Rockies get an off day.

In April it’s like, wait, what? Already? By May it’s like, well, OK… maybe they can have one or two this month.

And then after disasters in June and July, you’re ready for as many off days as you can get your hands on come August — so, yay! We’ve got one today! Let’s enjoy it! Go outside! Screw baseball, it’s awful! (Kidding, but come on, we all feel that way sometimes when watching the Rockies.)

Before you do go outside though, snoop around a little bit on this site (please?) because we’ve got some nice things for you. Like this, our links post:

Report: Jose Reyes clears waivers (
We’ve covered this but, again, dayumn! Think the Rockies do anything? Doubtful. Not only because the Rockies just aren’t prone to making moves, but also because any move with Jose Reyes involved would require the Rockies to eat a fair amount of money.

This man — while still decent and with a few good years left — is way overpaid, and nobody is going to take that contract on fully (hell, the only reason the Rockies did it is because it actually saved them money relative to losing Troy Tulowitzki in full). Nevertheless, that leads us to…

Yankees, Rockies talk Jose Reyes? (
…the Yankees! If there’s one team to do it with a guy due more than $50 million still, it’s the Yankees! Nothing set in stone here, of course, but rumor has it the Yankees want to make Reyes a second baseman, even; they are unhappy with their production there and could add Reyes to help them try to push back into the playoff hunt over streaking Toronto.

Arenado in awe of Mets’ starters: ‘they’re all number ones’ (Fox Sports).
The irony of this quote shouldn’t be lost on Rockies’ management, especially after Arenado was so adamant earlier about getting frontline starting pitching to help the Rockies’ very good offense. Arenado should be in awe of the Mets’ rotation — those young guys (and Bartolo Colon!) are the real deal — but he should also want something similar (or as close as you’re going to get it) in Denver.

Let’s just hope management heeds Arenado’s words. Or, you know, looks at common sense and statistics and the Rockies’ unsightly pitching history before deciding to spend money on Kyle Kendrick, Part II this winter.

Matt Kemp hit for the cycle against the Rockies. Big whoop! (Purple Row).
Wait, what? Are we off the cycle now?! I love the cycle! There’s a lot to like about this post, and it’s correct in one of its biggest points: the cycle is more about luck (remember the fortunate off-the-wall bounce Kemp had on his triple Friday night) than it’s about specific skill and approach, and the fact that the cycle happens in the first place is, meh, ok, fortune smiled upon you, today.

I just hesitate with this because I wonder if a Rockies’ hitter would have done it — hypothetically say Nolan Arenado during his hottest stretch of the season back in May, or Carlos Gonzalez to win a tight game a couple of weeks ago — what the reaction might have been.

Anyways, here are some bloopers. Enjoy your off day!

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