Future Colorado Rockies: Help The Grand Junction Rockies To The Pioneer League All Star Game


The Colorado Rockies’ rookie affiliate in Grand Junction needs a little help with some Pioneer League All Star Game votes on Twitter. 

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Instead of a normal weekly update for the Grand Junction Rockies this week — as we’ve done weekly in the past — there’s something important for you to do if you’re into supporting the Colorado Rockies’ minor league clubs.

You can vote for Pioneer League All Stars on Twitter!

Remember that Troy Tulowitzki All Star Final Vote campaign? (He got in the game, by the way, but it probably wasn’t because of us.) Well, the same kind of thing is going on in the Pioneer League right now, and the Grand Junction Rockies need a little help!

Here’s the deal:

Pretty damn simple. All you have to do is (a) tweet the name of your chosen GJ Rockies’ player, (b) mention @GJRockies in your tweet, and (c) use the hashtag #PBLAllStar for your vote to count.

So, a sample tweet might look like this:

Obviously, you don’t need to put the stats in there. We just did that because we are baseball nerds. But the tweet has the important stuff: (a) the GJ Rockies’ player name, (b) @GJRockies mentioned in the tweet, and (c) the hashtag #PBLAllStar. Easy!

Now, are you in need of some voting info? Fear not! Here are some links to help you make your choices…

Need stats? Here are the GJ Rockies’ official stats.

Need a roster? Here is the GJ Rockies’ active roster.

Need the rankings? Here are league leaders for hitting, and for pitching.

Based on what I’ve seen and studied on the GJ Rockies, Jensen Park, Daniel Suero, Sam Hilliard, Jonathan Piron, Tyler Nevin, Brendan Rodgers, Parker French, Hunter Brothers, and Gavin Glanz are all deserving of your vote(s), but let’s be honest — you should vote for all the baby Rox. You’re a Rockies fan, right?!

Voting ends July 25, so make yourself useful until then.

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