It’s Opening Day!!


It’s April 6th, and the Rockies have a perfect record!

There is nothing like opening day. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, let’s play 162! Of course, the Rockies open on the road for the fourth straight season, so we Denver dwellers have no choice but to watch on TV or, if you’re a normal working gal like me, follow it on But the details don’t matter as much as the fact that BASEBALL IS BACK!

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By now, we’ve already got plenty to worry about going into the 2015 season. As per usual with the Rockies, most of that centers around pitching. Pitchers are injured or ineffective or unknown quantities. But even along those lines, things have been much worse in the past. Jorge De La Rosa, who was initially slated to start the home opener this weekend, doesn’t have a definite return date yet, but he’s almost certain to be back some time in April. David Hale is really the only other pitcher with an injury, and he was not necessarily expected to make the starting rotation even if healthy. He provides some needed depth, and I hope he’ll be back soon, but the alternative right now is not calling up Jeff Francis, and for that I’m thankful. The bullpen is mostly healthy, and their performances in spring training were strong–Keep an eye on Boone Logan, especially, who seems to have at least partially worked out his demons from 2014.

Offensively, there’s nothing but exciting things. Check out this lineup. Doesn’t that make you salivate a little bit (except for maybe the Kyle Kendrick part)? National writers previewing this season have taken great pains to focus on anyone other than the Rockies in the National League, but this offense is unrivaled. These are the guys you want on your fantasy team. Most likely they’ve eluded people’s attention because of their tendency toward injury, particularly Tulo and Cargo. And I’ve lived through too many seasons with them to hope that things will be different this year. But they’re in the lineup today. There are no finger tumors or groin tightness in sight yet. The best thing to do with this team is to live in the moment, and this is a good moment.

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Now I’ve just got to figure out how to get away long enough to watch Kyle Lohse throw the first pitch … I wonder if the excuse notes he and his fellow Brewers wrote would be considered acceptable?