Wilin Rosario is a better right fielder than a turkey


The Colorado Rockies cleared up some rumors yesterday, but the news wasn’t good.

This week, Patrick Saunders wrote an article revealing a few things about the Rockies rumors that have been circulating over the past few weeks.

The first is that the Rockies were not the team that James Shields turned down a $110 million contract from a month ago, despite everyone basically agreeing that that sounds like a total Rockies thing to happen.

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The second is that all those Charlie Blackmon rumors we’ve been hearing are false and that even though the Rockies are listening to offers for Chuck, they aren’t initiating any conversations to send the All Star out of Denver.

That one is frustrating for a multitude of reasons, mostly in that the Rockies are stuffed to the brim with starting outfielders and will once again likely enter Spring Training with too many of them. Last offseason, the Rockies traded outfielder Dexter Fowler to make room for a competition in the outfield, a competition nobody actually won, but not for lack of trying.

All three guys the Rockies pushed to fill the role (Stubbs, Barnes, Chuck) played well in their spots, with Blackmon being the stand out. Pair that with the ridiculous emergence of a potential future star in Corey Dickerson and the Rockies now find themselves in a situation where they either have to trick everyone and put seven outfielders on the field at once, or trade someone to fill holes…which is what you do, by the way, when you put together a baseball team.

Against all odds, that wasn’t even the worst news in the article (I know!). Saunders reiterated the Rockies never really had any intention to move now backup catcher Wilin Rosario and plan to have him become a super utility bat that they can play at catcher, first base and…get this…right field.

I guess, statistically, Rosario would be better than just placing a domesticated turkey with a glove taped to its head out there. But surely it will sell fewer tickets.

It’s frustrating enough that the Rockies kept Rosario, but to casually mention plans of moving him to right field is even worse. When teams are asked about his trade value and the only thing that comes up is “Designated Hitter potential” that isn’t code for “move him to a position that requires more mobility.”

But hey, maybe I’m overly cynical that our 5’11”, 215 pound Baby Bull can huff it in right field. Maybe he’s going to be the best right fielder out there.

More often than not, however, I fear any game Rosario starts in right field will be difficult to watch, even if you enjoy Drew Goodman and George Frazier’s dying embers of trying to support every player on the field no matter what. At the rate I’ve seen Wilin move, I’d almost prefer Dinger out there because at least my favorite Dinosaur has a freakin’ moped.

It just doesn’t even make sense! The Rockies don’t need a utility outfielder! They have Barnes and Stubbs! They have five outfielders on the 25 man roster already! I don’t know what’s happening.

Maybe Bridich and Dick Monfort watched Moneyball one night and thought the point of the movie was to move catchers to positions they aren’t comfortable in. Maybe they just fell in love with Chris Pratt’s dreamy eyes and wanted a Chris Pratt of their own.

Moving Wilin Rosario to right field does not give you a Chris Pratt, that’s the takeaway from this article.

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