Walt Weiss: Rockies Are ‘Within Striking Distance’ Of Playoff Contention


Colorado Rockies‘ manager Walt Weiss knows that the 2014 season was a spectacular failure. He sees reason to be hopeful in 2015.

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Bovada opened with 100-1 odds for the Colorado Rockies to win the World Series in 2015. That is tied for the worst odds in all of baseball. But hey, don’t call it a rebuilding project.

If Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki stay healthy…if only they stay healthy, am I right?

Look, maybe every team has to say it is their goal to make the playoffs every year. They have to recycle the same talking points, emphasizing that it is “always our goal to win every game and make the playoffs every year.”

To further that point, the whole “transparent rebuilding project” has kind of backfired on the Astros. Maybe the Rockies feel like they have no choice but to keep saying that they are close to relevance.

Even acknowledging those realities, the optimism from the Rockies just kind of bugs me right now. So it is that I found myself annoyed with these quotes from manager Walt Weiss (via MLB.com):

"“This year we were in position to do it, but for a variety of reasons it didn’t happen,” said Weiss, who will be in the second year of his three-year contract. “I’ve got to take responsibility for that, and I do.“It’s probably a tough sell, because we haven’t performed well the last few years. But I still feel like we’re within striking distance.”“We’ve got to take a big step forward next year, or at that point there probably are major changes on the horizon,” Weiss said. “Some moves here and there, I think we’re in position to do that. Again, we’ve got to go out and do it, not talk about it.”"

Fair enough.These comments from Weiss are reasonable. And he’s right, it’s a tough sell.

Let’s see it in the moves this off-season, and maybe a follow-through on the promise to not talk about “being close” to contention.

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