World Series Odds 2015: Colorado Rockies Tied For Worst Odds In Baseball


The World Series odds for the 2015 Major League Baseball season are out, and the Colorado Rockies are tied with a group of lowly teams for the worst odds to win it at all.


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Those are your odds for the Colorado Rockies to win it all in 2015.

Here’s the weird part. You would think that this signals a team that is in rebuilding mode. That is the case with the teams joining the Rockies near the bottom, after all. According to Bovada, the Houston Astros, Minnesota Twins, and Arizona Diamondbacks join the Rockies at 100-1 to win the next World Series.

Of that group, the Rockies appear to be the most delusional.

The Rockies keep tricking themselves into thinking that they are close to playoff contention. This places them in a dreaded middle ground. They are better enough than the true bottom-feeders to think they can contend, yet they really aren’t close at all.

Dave Cameron summed up the state of the Rockies best when he wrote this:

"This is an organization with enough talent to talk itself out of rebuilding but not enough talent to win. Perhaps it’s time for a leader who will take the team down one of those two paths, rather than eternally standing at the fork."

Until we know Jeff Bridich is willing to tear things down, we have to assume that much of the status quo will continue. We can hope that we’re wrong, but here’s betting that the Rockies will enter 2015 with a team built around Troy Tulowitzki, Carlos Gonzalez, minimal moves to improve the roster elsewhere, and a bunch of prayers for good health.

That’s my biggest takeaway from the Rockies opening with 100-1 odds. That shows where they stand in the eyes of odds-makers right now, yet they continue to be in denial. They continue to proceed in the very bottom of the middle class of Major League Baseball, refusing to get creative or consider rebuilding. Their inactivity at this past year’s deadline is the most recent and most egregious example.

As long , they will be a doormat with an odd brand of unfounded optimism.

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