Colorado Rockies Done Changing Coaching Staff


The Colorado Rockies will not make any more changes to their coaching staff in advance of the 2015 season, according to general manager Jeff Bridich.

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Having dismissed their pitching coach and bullpen coach to start the off-season, the Colorado Rockies are done changing the coaching staff. That seems like the right move for now, but here’s hoping that the team is willing to shorten the leash a bit if things start to fall apart again during the 2015 season.

Jeff Bridich said this week that the remainder of the coaching staff will remain in place, according to the Denver Post:

"“I don’t anticipate any more changes to the on-field staff,” Bridich said. “I think we’re done with those moves.”"

Bridich did say that he plans to follow the proud Rockies’ tradition of changing job titles around and reassigning people:

"Bridich said there will be some reshuffling within the front office and with the minor-league staffs, but he did not divulge what moves are being considered.“We are in the process of talking about all of that now,” he said. “We have some change coming in assignments, but I’m not ready to talk about that now.”"

Job security. No organization, baseball or otherwise, can hold a candle to the Rockies when it comes to job security.

If you work for the Rockies, you might have to reorder business cards frequently because of all your different job titles, but you are highly unlikely to get fired. Maybe the dismissal of Jim Wright and Bo McLaughlin signals a different philosophy for Bridich, but I’ll believe it when I see it. In the meantime, his announcement about “changing assignments” is eye-roll-worthy.

As the Post sums up, no more changes to the coaching staff means the following:

  • Tom Runnells remains the bench coach
  • Blake Doyle remains the hitting coach
  • Mark Wiley remains the pitching overlord or whatever the hell it is (OK fine, I added this one)

The team is currently interviewing pitching coach candidates, and once that’s settled, they will be set to proceed with a coaching staff.

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