Does Colorado Rockies Manager Walt Weiss Have Job Security?


Since taking over the managerial duties of the Colorado Rockies, Walt Weiss has compiled a record of 140-184, a mark that seems highly unsatisfactory, even for a team that’s still looking for their first division title after more than 20 years. If Weiss isn’t looking over his shoulder yet, he should be.

It’s no big secret in professional sports. Whenever a new front office comes in, job security is no longer. It’s a part of the culture. New general managers want their own staff. Their own guys so to speak. Now the big question surrounding the Rocky Mountains seems to be will Walt Weiss keep his job as manager of The Colorado Rockies?

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To revive excitement around Rockies baseball, changes started in the Mile High City on October 8th, with the resignation of Dan O’Dowd and Bill Geivett, followed quickly by the promotion of Jeff Bridich to General Manager.

In just 15 days in taking over, Bridich fired pitching coach Jim Wright and bullpen coach Bo McLaughlin on October 23rd. The move seems to have been made with the consensus of Walt Weiss, as Bridich stated after the move, “we’re both highly involved, it’s a collaboration. Walt’s voice was heard and so was mine.”

In my honest opinion, I think Weiss is a very capable manager if and only if, he is allowed to do things the way he wants to do them. He can do a good job if he is not micro managed by the front office.

But that raises a larger question: Is his job safe? For 2015, it seems to be. The former shortstop signed a 3-year contract extension following his first season as manager in 2013.

That leaves Weiss and the club with two years remaining. However, I do believe he is on a very short leash. Bridich is a young, 37-year-old, brand new general manager looking to make a big splash and he wants to make it immediately.

“We’re both highly involved, it’s a collaboration. Walt’s voice was heard and so was mine.” – Jeff Bridich

The Rockies’ pitching staff was dead last in all of Major League Baseball in 2014 and those responsible were dismissed quickly. With the likes of All-Stars Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez, and anchor ace man Jorge De La Rosa, Walt Weiss will have few excuses in 2015.

If the team cannot remain competitive throughout the entire season, Weiss maybe looking for employment elsewhere. It’s too early to make predictions for next season but look for a new attitude coming from 20th and Blake next summer.

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