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Carlos Gonzalez on DL, possibly out a long time

Carlos Gonzalez couldn’t play through the pain any longer. If we’re being honest based on the way things played out, this probably should have happened a while ago.

On the same day that CarGo explained that his injuries were simply the kind that he would have to tough out over the course of the season, his left index finger blew up on him again. That is technically the injury that lands him on the disabled list, though you could argue that he is now out with a finger/knee injury thanks to the tendinitis that had limited him on the bases and in the field.

If his rested finger feels better after 15 days, he can start swinging a bat and try to come back. But if it’s not better, we might be looking an extended absence.

With that in mind, read this description of the injury from the Denver Post and tell me if you think CarGo will be ready to swing a bat in two weeks:

The injury, which is centered in the lower portion of his index finger, originally was thought to be a broken blood vessel or a severe bruise. CarGo was examined last Thursday in Cleveland by Dr. Thomas Graham, an orthopedic surgeon and hand specialist. A possible diagnosis was that Gonzalez has what he called a “foreign body” — perhaps a splinter — in his finger.

The absolute worst case scenario would be surgery, which would prolong his time away because there would be more area that would have to heal. They might avoid that, but I will be surprised if we see CarGo anytime this month as he tries to get right.

Gonzalez is batting .255/.307/.449 through 52 games this season. The Rockies recalled Ryan Wheeler from Triple-A to take his spot, at least for now. That could change as soon as Friday when Eddie Butler makes his debut.

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