Carlos Gonzalez: Disabled list a possibility for finger injury


Carlos Gonzalez insisted that these are just the types of injuries that guys have to play through.

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He said the rest that would come with a stint on the disabled list would do little good. CarGo just needed to play through the injuries and find a way to still help the team despite the fact that he is struggling at the plate, on defense, and on the base-paths.

That was before Tuesday night’s game against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Gonzalez was forced to exit that game early, something that has happened multiple times this season, due to his troublesome index finger injury. It sounds like this injury, the same one Gonzalez had checked at a hand clinic in Cleveland, might be the one that forces the left fielder to the DL just a day after he made it sound like it wasn’t an option.

According to Thomas Harding of

"“The possible answer is a stint on the 15-day disabled list, which manager Walt Weiss said is a possibility since the swelling from a broken blood vessel has forced Gonzalez to leave three games and miss four starts. But Gonzalez visited with noted hand specialist Dr. Thomas Graham in Cleveland on Thursday and learned not only was there no surgical answer, but it’s not even clear how much rest will allow the injury to repair.”"

To sum things up: the finger injury is a huge problem and nobody knows what to do about it. Up until now, the Rockies have opted to keep Gonzalez in the lineup and hope he will play through it. That clearly isn’t working, so while a stint on the DL might not allow CarGo to completely heal, it sure seems like a better option than the alternative.