How former Colorado Rockies are doing on new teams post MLB Trade Deadline

A month after the MLB Trade Deadline, it's time to check in on how some former Rockies are doing with their new teams.

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3. C.J. Cron & Randal Grichuk

Randal Grichuk, C. J. Cron
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On July 30. the Rockies made their second deal of the year with the Angels. Colorado sent outfielder Randal Grichuck and first baseman C.J. Cron back to the team that originally drafted both of them in 2009 (Grichuk) and 2011 (Cron).

In exchange, Colorado received pitchers Jake Madden and Mason Albright for the two hitters. Madden was ranked as the number eight prospect in the Angels farm system. He currently is ranked as the 23rd prospect, right behind Albright who is ranked at 22.

Since being traded to the Angels, life has not been so kind to Cron. The veteran first baseman has struggled in his second stint with the Angels. Cron's slash line has severly diminished since the trade. Currently, he is slashing .217/.280/.283 with the Angels and has only hit one home run, and has provided five RBI's.

It appears that Cron's back spasms have also followed him to Anaheim as he has only played in 14 games with the Halos.

For Grichuk, his time with the Angels has arguably been even worse then his teammate.

Grichuk has played in a majority of games with the Angels and has found himself in an everday role as a starting left fielder. However, he has performed underwhelming to say the least. After slashing .308/.365/.496 with the Rockies, he's now slashing .168/.220/.347 with the Angels and has four home runs, eight RBI's, four doubles and one triple.

To make matters even worse, Grichuk was part of another blockbuster move by the Angels earlier this week. Except in a mor negative spotlight... The team announced they were waiving Grichuk and four other starting veteran players as they have fallen out of playoff contention and are now focused on attempting to resign MVP candidate Shohei Ohtani. Grichuk would end up becoming the only veteran part of this group to go unclaimed and remains a part of the Angels roster.

To say the Rockies have won this trade is an understatement. Since being traded, Cron and Grichuk have underperformed and it has led to the Angels falling completely out of playoff contention in 2023. General Manager Bill Schmidt deserves a lot of credit for this move as the Rockies are thin on pitching and they were able to snag two young promising prospects from the Angels organization for two veterans who have completely fallen off since being traded.

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