Can Charlie Blackmon go out with a bang in his 2024 farewell tour?

Charlie "Chuck Nazty" Blackmon is one of the best players in franchise history, can he bring his strong end of 2023 into 2024 in what could very well be his last season in the Mile High City?

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Charlie "Chuck Nazty" Blackmon is an all-time Rockies legend, he has been a fan favorite for several years and has been one of the few consistent bright spots of the last 10 years for the Rox. Last September, Blackmon signed a one year, 13-million-dollar deal to stay in Colorado for his age 38 season. Though it will likely be his last deal with the team, Blackmon is more than deserving of a send-off season that should still see him as a (mostly) everyday player, especially considering how well he finished 2023.

Another deal after this one is certainly not out of the question depending on how this year goes, but everyone knows that time is running out. Chuck is a career 20.6 Wins Above Replacement (WAR) player, with 1690 career hits, 215 homeruns, with a career .296 batting average. He has made a tremendous and consistent career for himself in purple and black, playing a total of 1500 games so far for the franchise, and along that time has endeared himself with the fanbase for his very unique personality.

Blackmon made headlines in 2016 when he shared in an interview that, despite him making 3.5-million-dollars that year, he still drove the same 2004 Jeep Laredo that his parents bought for him in high school. He has always shown himself to be a very simple person which fans can certainly appreciate, one of the many reasons he is a fan favorite, and one of the-if not the only remaining piece from the Rockies recent run of success in the late 2010's.

Although his career is certainly winding down, nobody can argue whether or not he deserves a spot on this team, no matter the production level, he is somebody that Rockies fans can cling onto for one last ride in his illustrious career. All that being said, what can we realistically expect from the Naztiest of all the Chucks in 2024?

In 2023, Blackmon appeared in 96 games, after suffering a hand fracture in June after being hit by a pitch, however, when he returned in August 2023, he was one of the best hitters on the team. In total, he hit .279, collecting 100 hits, and eight homers, as well as tied the team lead in triples with five, finishing the season with a WAR of 1.3. Should he stay healthy, Blackmon should be the everyday DH going into 2024; him being able to primarily focus on hitting should help keep his legs fresh, however, Blackmon has brought his glove to Spring Training and wants to play the outfield every time he is able.

If Chuck were to play in 130 games, which may be a lofty ask, I don't see any reason that the four-time all-star and two-time Silver Slugger award winner should hit below .265, Charlie has always been an expert at putting the ball in play, and his speed has surprisingly not diminished very much as he has aged. It is also likely that Blackmon will hit lower in the lineup, giving him better pitches to hit. As far as Blackmon's power goes, we shouldn't expect more than 10 home runs, but hey, you just never know with a guy like Chuck Nazty. There is always the possibility for a sort of Beltre-esque end of career run for a player who puts the ball in play with the consistency of Charlie.

Though his power numbers may be reduced, he still should be an impactful player on the field and will certainly be an impactful presence in the Rockies locker room that is hoping to find itself a true identity in 2024. Rockies fans will definitely cherish the time we have left with Charlie Blackmon, he is truly one of the most likeable, and best players in this franchise's history. Whatever we get from him in 2024, he is a Denver sports legend and deserves a farewell tour, if it should be the end, long live Chuck Nazty!

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