Trevor Story on the imperfect physics on one of his longest homers ever

One of Trevor Story’s longest home run as a member of the Colorado Rockies was a thing of beauty to watch leave the field. However, his swing and follow-through weren’t exactly how baseball instructors will draw it up for their pupils in future lessons.

On September 5, 2018, Story etched himself even deeper into Coors Field lore by hitting three home runs in four at-bats in a 5-3 win over the San Francisco Giants. At the time, the three homers combined to travel 1,380 feet, which included a 505-foot home run. When first measured by Statcast, the blast was considered the longest homer in Coors Field history. However, it has since been recalculated by Statcast to be a 487-foot shot, now tied for the third-longest in Coors Field history.

Watch the blast below … and watch Story’s swing and the unusual finish it has as he watches the ball sail onto the Coors Field concourse.

I asked Colorado Rockies shortstop Trevor Story about the unusual swing that led to a massive home run.

Story told me that it wasn’t so much about the swing that night (and the resulting follow-through), but rather the location of the pitch and everything coming together to produce the necessary power needed.

“I think it was just kind of perfect, because the pitch was down and a little bit in and I was able to drop the head on it,” Story explained. “I think those are the ones that have a really good angle off the bat. It also had a high exit velo(city), so those two combined together, just kind of worked out nicely.”

Knowing the power that Story could produce on a ball down and in, even without a perfect swing and follow-through, I asked Story if that’s where he wanted his pitches during the Home Run Derby. Story advanced to the second round in front of the home crowd during All-Star Game festivities before being knocked out by eventual runner-up Trey Mancini.

“We’re going middle in and not down like that,” Story smiled and told me before the Home Run Derby. And that’s exactly where many of his home run pitches were in an impressive first-round performance.