Colorado Rockies: The updated 2021 World Series odds

The calendar has turned to 2021 and we are one day closer to the Colorado Rockies returning to the field. How have their World Series odds changed over the last few weeks?

The San Diego Padres have made lots of noise over the last few days, acquiring strong starting pitching in Yu Darvish and Blake Snell. With that in mind, on paper, the quest for the Colorado Rockies to capture their first-ever National League West title seems to have become even more difficult.

However, according to, the odds for the Colorado Rockies to win the 2021 World Series have actually improved since the 2020 season ended.

On October 30, Colorado was a 125-to-1 bet to win the World Series in 2021. As the New Year dawned, the Rockies had improved to a 100-to-1 wager to capture the Fall Classic.

Colorado was one of two NL West teams to improve their odds since the 2020 season ended. The Padres were the other, jumping from 8-to-1 to 6-to-1.

The defending World Series champion Los Angeles Dodgers are still the favorite to win it all in 2021, according to, coming in at 9-to-2 odds. Those odds haven’t changed since the end of last season, and neither have the odds for the San Francisco Giants, who remain an 80-to-1 pick.

Arizona, however, slipped from 66-to-1 at the end of the 2020 season to a current 80-to-1 pick. While the Diamondbacks are the only NL West team to fall in the odds over the last two months, they still are above the Rockies which, according to the oddsmakers with these World Series odds, will be the longest of long shots from the division to win the title.

While Colorado comes in at 100-to-1, they are not the team with the longest odds. Baltimore and Seattle are tied with the Rockies at 100-to-1 while Detroit, Kansas City, and Texas are all listed at 125-to-1. Pittsburgh is the only team further back (and the only NL team with odds even with or worse than Colorado), bringing up the rear at 200-to-1.