Colorado Rockies missing the playoffs could prove twice as costly

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Trevor Story of the Colorado Rockies
Trevor Story of the Colorado Rockies /

And it’s not that missing the playoffs this season would be the final straw for both Arenado and Story. But it’s going to be the catalyst that starts a true snowball effect.

It’ll force Colorado GM Jeff Bridich and the front office to make moves in the offseason to improve the team quickly with significant additions that make an immediate impact in the right areas. That’s happening one way or another but it’ll be intensified should they miss the playoffs.

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There’s not going to be time to let these moves play out over a couple seasons either. With two superstars’ contracts essentially ending at the end of the year (with Arenado’s obviously being the opt out), there has to be no doubt that the Rockies will compete for a playoff spot, even beyond the optimistic hopes of Dick Monfort.

Because if there is any doubt that they’re a playoff team during June (given that next season’s schedule resembles anything normal), then there will need to be serious discussions revolving trading both Arenado and Story prior to a July 31 trade deadline (again, assuming next season is normal) so that you at least get some value for them.

Are you ready for that conversation?