Colorado Rockies 2020 season: MLB players vote no on latest proposal

Players in Major League Baseball turned down the latest proposal from MLB owners on Monday. The Colorado Rockies, however, were reportedly one of just four teams to vote to accept the proposal.

With the decision to not accept a proposal that had plenty of caveats to it that were viewed as more owner-friendly than acceptable by the players (you can see some of the key points of the proposal by clicking here), MLB commissioner Rob Manfred will likely implement a timeline for the 2020 campaign, including a schedule for the Colorado Rockies and the other 29 MLB teams that will likely feature less than 60 games.

It is widely thought that Monday’s actions will speed up the process for knowing what the upcoming schedule will look like as well as other key dates, such as when “spring training” (which will now officially take place in summer) will resume.

Reportedly, the Rockies were one of just four teams who voted to play the season on Monday.

For the Rockies, spring training will likely take place at Coors Field and restart in the next few days. Also, the 2020 Rockies schedule is expected to consist of teams from the National League West and American League West, with an exact number of games against each squad still to be determined.

While the 2020 season schedule will soon be laid out in detail, there is still a great deal of worry about if the season can actually be completed without another COVID-19 outbreak putting a halt to the campaign. Much of the talk in discussions between player and owner representatives has centered around money and number of games. However, with recent outbreaks affecting players at minor league facilities in Florida, it’s clear that the health of the players, coaches, umpires, and all other personnel affiliated with game play must be the main consideration for not only restarting the season, but keeping it going as well.

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There will be plenty more news to come this week regarding the upcoming season and what it will look like, so make sure to stay with us for the latest updates.

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