Colorado Rockies: Bud Black says Brendan Rodgers “ready to go”

Colorado Rockies manager Bud Black has provided an update on the health and playing condition of Brendan Rodgers.

When we last saw the Colorado Rockies in spring training action, Brendan Rodgers had just returned to the field for the first time since undergoing surgery to repair a torn labrum during the 2019 campaign. We talked to Rodgers about his journey back to health on that Tuesday when he took over at second base in the seventh inning, marking the first time he had been in the field for the Rockies since June 23, 2019.

Prior to that March 10 moment, Rodgers had served as a designated hitter for the Rockies in the spring, totaling three hits in seven at-bats and knocking in a run.

After his MLB debut on May 17, 2019, the former third overall pick in the 2015 draft put together a .224/.272/.250 slash line in 25 games and 76 at-bats before his injury.

Now, with baseball’s possible return being planned, the time off could be a benefit for Rodgers as we wrote about in this article. Bud Black told me on Wednesday in an exclusive interview that Rodgers should be ready to take the field without limitations when 2020 spring training resumes.

“Brendan played some spring training games as DH and got in the field,” Black explained. “He was deemed ready so he was fine. He’s ready to go. They (Rockies training staff) will have to monitor his work to see where he is when we reconvene because we don’t want him to press too much too early.”

Black told me that the build-up to the resumption of the 2020 spring will be important for Rodgers and the rest of the Rockies.

“I think there will be a little bit of a lead time. We’ll get a date prior to the date. We’ll get a note that spring training is a week or 10 days away, whatever that number is,” Black said. “Then there will be a little bit of a ramp-up for guys, but we will have to watch Brendan for sure. However, we feel really good with where he is physically.”

With his ability to play second, shortstop, or third base, a healthy Rodgers and his versatility could be a boost for the Rockies in a shortened season. Rodgers could also continue his contributions as a designated hitter from spring training into the regular season if the National League adopts the DH as has been discussed this season.