Colorado Rockies: Jeff Bridich could make these Nolan Arenado rumors go away

Here we go again. Another day, another Nolan Arenado trade rumor to stir up Colorado Rockies fans.

One of the latest has the Colorado Rockies and the St. Louis Cardinals in early talks that would send Arenado to the National League Central for a handful of prospects/Major League-ready players. This came over the weekend from a tweet by’s Jon Morosi.

Morosi also put out another Arenado to the Cardinals rumor again this morning.

Now those of you who happen to follow Morosi on Twitter already know that his credibility in the past has been a bit suspect when it comes to trade rumors. However, these frequent rumors continue to give an uneasy feeling to Rockies’ fans.

I have written a couple of articles in the last few weeks on why I believe Arenado will be in a Rockies’ uniform come Opening Day in San Diego on March 26 (including this one) and that belief hasn’t changed. However, that doesn’t mean I also don’t have the feeling of being left out in the wind.

There is one easy way for GM Jeff Bridich and the Rockies’ front office to change all of that … and that is publicly tell us what their intentions are. Whether it is true that a Arenado trade is “50/50” as Morosi tweeted a few days ago or if they intend to hang onto their eight-year/$260 million commitment they made to Arenado at the beginning of Spring Training last season.

Colorado fans pack Coors Field year in and year out through snow or shine. The least the organization can do is be honest with them.  If Arenado is in fact on the trading block, most rational fans will understand as long as Bridich is upfront about it. The constant speculation is becoming a distraction and could easily carry into the regular season if it isn’t put to a stop soon.

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I’m begging you, Jeff Bridich, please, find the nearest telephone/camera and get in contact with the media (I would gladly take that call) and end this madness once and for all. Colorado fans are tired of rumors and want to know your plans.

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