Colorado Rockies fans, we want your Baseball Hall of Fame vote

For months now, we have heard all of the arguments why Larry Walker should be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Now, we are wanting to know which players on the current ballot are worthy of the Hall of Fame according to Colorado Rockies fans.

So how about it Colorado Rockies fans? Which of the 32 players on the current ballot should be voted into baseball immortality in Cooperstown? We want you to have a vote.

You can click here to cast your votes for up to 10 players, just like members of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America (BBWAA) have done. And, just like the BBWAA’s Hall of Fame voting results will be announced on January 21, we will be announcing who Rockies fans voted into the Hall of Fame here on that same day.

The rules for our vote are the same as the real Hall of Fame vote. If a player gets 75 percent of votes on the ballots cast from Rockies fans, he will (hypothetically, of course) earn entry into Cooperstown.

So what will be it, Rockies fans? We are guessing Walker will be voted in, but will he be a unanimous selection? What about Todd Helton? Will Rockies fans vote him in?

Will Derek Jeter earn your vote? What about Barry Bonds, Curt Schilling, Roger Clemens and other candidates who carry plenty of question marks according to plenty of voters?

We have seen the discussion on Twitter. We have heard the arguments for and against certain players, but now is your time to vote. Choose up to 10 players by clicking here and let’s see who Rockies fans deem worthy of a plaque in Cooperstown.

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Thanks in advance for your vote. We look forward to seeing the voting results and sharing them with you on January 21.

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