Colorado Rockies: A positive prediction for Larry Walker in Cooperstown

In his final year of candidacy on the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot, will Larry Walker become the first Colorado Rockies player to be enshrined in Cooperstown? One prediction says it will happen.

According to this Hall of Fame ballot prediction from the creator of, Larry Walker will be named on 78 percent of the ballots from the voting members of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. That is past the magic number of 75 percent that is required for Hall of Fame induction.

Last season, Walker received votes on 54.6 percent of the ballots. It was a stark rise from the 34.1 percent the former Colorado Rockies All-Star received in 2018.

Earlier this week, with just 12 votes in, Walker was already on 75 percent of the ballots. There is certainly still a long ways to go. However, the early results are promising.

Part of the early push for Walker’s candidacy (and his jump last season) can be likely traced back to the urgency created by this being Walker’s final year on the ballot. Additionally, the Rockies have been pushing Walker’s candidacy and #WalkerHOF has become a popular hashtag on Twitter.

We have also published several articles detailing Walker’s candidacy, including this one comparing him to three players to prove his numbers make him Cooperstown-worthy. There have been plenty of others written about Walker’s prowess, including this detailed one from’s Thomas Harding.

Will the ballot blitz continue for Walker? Will this finally be the season that voters look past the “Coors Field bias” and see the eye-popping numbers he produced both at altitude and away from it? Rockies fans hope so … and so far, things are looking positive.

How can you help? Keep pushing the #WalkerHOF hashtag on social media.

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We will keep you updated on the latest as the Hall of Fame votes continue to roll in.