Colorado Rockies podcast: DJ LeMahieu views and the 2020 season

The further that the New York Yankees advanced in the postseason, seemingly the more frustrated and disappointed that Colorado Rockies fans became about the exploits of their former All-Star second baseman.

It wasn’t just about DJ LeMahieu and how he destroyed the myth that we was only a good hitter because of altitude and Coors Field. It was about why the Colorado Rockies didn’t bring LeMahieu back for this season and why Daniel Murphy was signed to take his place.

Of course, any plans for Murphy to take over for LeMahieu in the lineup (in addition to taking over his old number) were quickly dashed when Murphy suffered a fractured finger in Colorado’s second game of the season.

LeMahieu became more and more of a media darling playing in the Big Apple while Rockies fans wondered what would have happened if Colorado had re-signed him and moved Ryan McMahon to first. Or, as LeMahieu showed with the Yankees, what if DJ had become Colorado’s first baseman?

In our most recent podcast, Bryan Kilpatrick (formerly of and now with joins the show to talk about just how frustrated Rockies fans should really be with the departure of LeMahieu and is it possible that LeMahieu would have put up the same numbers at Colorado that he did in his first season in Yankee pinstripes.

We also talk about the future of first base with the Rockies (could Roberto Ramos be the answer?) as well as the upcoming season and if Colorado fans should really expect very little to change with the roster.

You can hear all of this and more by clicking here or hitting the play button below.

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