Colorado Rockies closer to 1st after the break than in 2017

The Colorado Rockies’ last two weeks have gone a long way towards helping us forget a first half that felt like a disappointment for most of the ride.

But despite the rough stretches, the Rockies are actually closer to first in the National League West at the All-Star break this season than they were last season … a season that saw them reach the playoffs. The Rockies sit just 2 games back of the division-leading Los Angeles Dodgers and 1.5 games back of the Arizona Diamondbacks, the team they’ll open the second half against.

Last season, they were 9.5 games back of the Dodgers in the West and 2 back of Arizona for the first Wild Card spot. Of course, they led the second Wild Card by 7.5 games over the Chicago Cubs so they were definitely more secure in a playoff berth than they are today. But that “playoff appearance” was just a one-game match-up in Arizona that they lost in a back-and-forth slugfest that featured an Archie Bradley RBI triple.

Currently, the Rockies are out of the playoff picture, 2 back of the Atlanta Braves for the second Wild Card and 3 back of the Milwaukee Brewers for the first Wild Card. However, their eyes aren’t set on another one-game playoff. No, this year, they have a chance for more. This year, they can make history. This is the Rockies’ 25th season in existence and they have never won the division. This year, they have a chance.

The pitching and hitting have finally started to click at the same time, helping the Rockies win 13 of 16. They’ll need to keep it up in order to stave off the reigning NL champion Dodgers … but perhaps some help is on the way as the trade deadline nears.

The Wild Card is likely to remain within reach into the fall, but the Rockies hope they don’t need it. They’re ready for a multi-game playoff series. They’re ready for a deep playoff run. They’re ready to make history and capture the franchise’s first division title. And, despite a slow start, at the break, it is well within reach.