Jose Reyes Designated for Assignment by Colorado Rockies


This will be the last column I write about Jose Reyes and the last time that his picture graces the top of a Rox Pile article. I’m very happy about that.

The Colorado Rockies cut ties with Jose Reyes on Wednesday morning. It was absolutely the right thing to do and should be applauded not only locally but nationally as well.

The Rockies press release simply stated, “The Colorado Rockies announced today that shortstop Jose Reyes has been reinstated from the Restricted List and subsequently designated for assignment.” The move cost the Rockies a lot of money but it also finally put an end to a saga that has been looming over the team like a specter since spring training.

It’s no secret that I’ve felt the importance of not letting Reyes back into the clubhouse this season … or ever again. There are a number of reasons why.

First, Reyes won’t be a distraction to a team that seems to be turning a corner in a month when the Rockies have folded in the past. There’s something to be said for team chemistry and bringing back a player who has expressed his dislike for playing in Denver and had off-the-field issues this fall could’ve imploded Colorado’s season from within.

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Second, it’s a huge message to Trevor Story and Cristhian Adames. Story continues to impress at the plate and at the field and this move tells the rookie that Colorado’s shortstop spot is his position and there won’t be anyone looking over his shoulder. It’s also a vote of confidence to Adames that they would choose to keep him as Story’s primary backup rather than bring back a veteran who has plenty of All-Star credentials in his past.

Third, the Rockies took a stand against domestic violence. We’ll never know exactly what happened in Hawaii between Reyes and his wife … but we know something happened and it was enough for Major League Baseball to lay down its suspension. It was a decision that Rob Manfred and MLB weighed for quite some time before sending Reyes off the radar. In my opinion, if it’s important enough for MLB to suspend Reyes, that’s all I need to know.

Absolutely, Reyes has served his time and has said all of the right things in post-suspension interviews. There is something to be said for second chances … and I have no doubt that another MLB team will give Reyes that second chance. It just doesn’t have to be in Colorado.

Fourth, it sends a message that character matters in the Rockies organization. This wasn’t just a statement sent against what happened with Reyes. It was also a message to current and future Rockies to represent the team, the city, and the fans in the best possible light.

Reyes will dominate the headlines today, but I sincerely hope the Rockies and their management get the credit they deserve for making a very tough decision. It wasn’t easy and it cost the team a lot of money. However, the right decision isn’t always the easy decision.

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If you’re a Rockies fan, today should be a day that you’re proud to be a part of the purple pinstripe community. Your team took a stand and did the right thing.

Jose Reyes played 47 games for the Rockies. I’m glad there won’t be a 48th.