Rockies Year in Review: Wilin Rosario


Here at Rox Pile, we are starting a player review for each and every player that suited up in a Colorado Rockies uniform this season. This series will be going all the way up until Dec. 16 with player profiles posted every day.

Today, we are featuring Rockies first basemen Wilin Rosario.

We are all familiar with Rosario coming up as an exciting catching prospect in the Rockies farm system. But, we saw how that worked out (it didn’t), so now the Rox have moved him to first base in the hopes of getting him (or hiding him) on the field. It’s fair to say that the move to first base hasn’t worked out much better then when he was behind the dish. In 46 games started at first base in 2015, Wilin had 6 errors (that’s good enough for a DWAR of -1.2). In comparison; Wilin started 94 games at catcher in 2014, and had 7 errors (a DWAR of -0.5). It’s fair to say Wilin isn’t going to be coming into games in the 8th or 9th innings as a defensive replacement. Wilin is a capable bat handler though and that is why are the Rox have been so stubborn in trying to find a place for this guy.

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When reflecting on Rosario’s performance this past season, and more importantly, his possible place in the Colorado Rockies organization; it’s extremely difficult to justify his place on the roster. Before you berate me, I don’t say that because I think he’s awful (I don’t), but it’s definitely in his best interest to find a change of scenery. The dude can handle the bat, but can’t field. Sound like anyone else?…. yeah, how about almost every DH in the American League.

Wilin split a lot of time between the bigs and Triple-A in 2015; he amassed 231 at-bats in the majors, compared to 148 in Triple A. Strictly on the big league level, Wilin hit .268, with 14 doubles, one triple, six home runs, and batted in 29. Keep in mind that a lot of these at-bats come as a pitch-hitter (all the more reason he is a DH first player), where hits are more difficult to come by. With how talented Wilin can be with the bat at times, it is really troubling to see that he posted a -1.4 on the year.

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Remember when Rosario blasted 28 home-runs as a rookie, yeah me too. Plus, the guy is only 26 years old; certainly we can understand the Rockies stubbornness to stick with him in the field. Perception needs to catch up to reality however; and the reality is Rosario belongs on an AL roster. In addition, the Rockies are clearly in rebuilding mode, so wouldn’t it be wise for the front office to deal to Wilin this winter in exchange for bullpen help or a pitching prospect? That’s my two cents.

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Heading in 2016 the Rockies have a big question mark at first base. But, I think its fair to say who will NOT being starting there on opening day. I could see a possible platoon situation with Ben Paulsen if the Rockies don’t make any moves, but I think the best possible situation for the “Baby Bull” would be a move to the AL.

Overall Grade: C-