Just Think About Chris Davis and the Colorado Rockies


Okay, let’s be realistic, the chances of the Colorado Rockies signing Chris Davis is highly unlikely, yet it’s a fun conversation to have. As you all know, Colorado declined Justin Morneau‘s mutual option worth $9 million, leaving the first base position up for grabs.

Davis, 29, is coming off yet another impressive season, power wise that is. The free-swinging first baseman hit just .262 this season for the Baltimore Orioles, collecting 31 doubles, 47 home runs and 117 RBI’s. The prior season, 2014, was a rough one for Davis, hitting at a clip of just .196/.300/.404. However, as you see the slugging percentage, he still hit for power, notching 16 doubles, 26 home runs and 72 RBI’s.

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The guys at MLB Trade Rumors have the Cardinals as his likely landing spot, earning roughly $144 million on a six-year contract — that’s $24 million a year people. There’s no chance in hell the Rockies’ would be able to afford that, let alone, the Monforts willing to spend that much money in the first place. As far as their Top 50 MLB Free Agent list goes, he is rated No. 5.

Just imagine the production from the left side of the plate at Coors Field. The guy hit 47 home runs last season, which can be contributed to Camden Yards dimensions in right field which is 318 feet while right-center is 373. As for Coors Field, the dimensions to right are 350 feet, not to mention right-center is 375. However, the right-center gap is where the jet stream is at Coors, and a lot of balls fly out over there might I add.

Another cool fact is that if Davis did sign, that would keep another left-handed bat at first base for the Colorado Rockies — Todd Helton, Justin Morneau and Ben Paulsen.

Just think about the lineup for the Rockies:

Catcher: Nick Hundley/Tom Murphy
First Base: Chris Davis
Second Base: DJ LeMahieu
Short Stop: Trevor Story
Third Base: Nolan Arenado
Left Field: Corey Dickerson
Center Field: Charlie Blackmon
Right Field: Carlos Gonzalez

Talk about production. Combined, Blackmon, CarGo, Arenado, Davis and Dickerson hit for 156 home runs this past season; that’s with Dickerson only appearing in 65 games too. The Rockies’ as a team hit 186 home runs, so add Davis’ production into the table and there you have it. Then again, you’d have to potentially slash Morneau and Paulsen’s production, but you get the idea.

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Davis to the Colorado Rockies is nothing but a pipe dream, but just thinking about the potential production he would provide for this offense gets you excited.