My Take On The Colorado Rockies Retaining Walt Weiss


The Colorado Rockies announced Tuesday that they have retained head coach Walt Weiss despite posting another losing season in the Mile High City. Weiss met with general manager Jeff Bridich Tuesday to discuss his future in the dugout for Colorado, resulting in the skipper getting another chance to prove himself in 2016.

After replacing Jim Tracy in 2012, Weiss has posted a below .500 record of 208-278 — not something Rockies’ fans everywhere expected with such a high-powered offense. Pitching has been the problem as usual, not getting enough quality starts to keep the game relatively close. Playing from behind can take a toll on players, especially when it is a daily occurrence. It sure doesn’t help that the team you are coaching has the league’s worst ERA (5.04).

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As for Walt Weiss, he has been an OK manager. Nothing flashy yet nothing really worthy of warranting his extension. There are times where he leaves you scratching your head, mainly regarding bullpen management and lineups as well but this somewhat makes sense for the short-term.

Coming into this season, I was fairly optimistic about Colorado’s chances of making the postseason for the first time since 2011 — that didn’t happen. I guess a took more sips of Kool-Aid than I expected, but it was an eye-opening experience for me.

Colorado did have some bright spots this season, mainly the dynamic duo of Carlos Gonzalez and Nolan Arenado posting 40+ home runs. Arenado isn’t getting the credit he deserves from the national media for his career-year — he couldn’t possibly have a better year and he is only 24! Nolan finished the 2015 campaign hitting .287 with 43 doubles, 42 home runs and 130 RBI’s. It’s hard in today’s game to crack 100 RBI’s, but Nolan went above and beyond and deserves to be in the top three when it comes to the final vote.

The official reaction of Walt Weiss returning to coach the team in 2016 — meh. That’s the only word I need. It doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of Weiss, it simply means I see no reason to be excited for now. The players, including Nolan Arenado, voiced for the team to retain the 1988 Rookie of the Year as their coach, so I’ll just have to sit back and wait and see where we go from here, especially with the offseason ahead.