Some Thoughts On The Colorado Rockies’ Uniforms


Aug 7, 2015; Washington, DC, USA; Colorado Rockies manager W. Weiss (22) speaks to the infield on the pitcher’s mound.

We ran a very popular poll last week on the Colorado Rockies’ uniforms and logo, and your results were actually pretty surprising to me.

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The most popular poll on the Colorado Rockies that we’ve ever done is this poll right here from two weeks ago, about whether the Rockies should change their uniforms.

You guys came out of the woodwork with thoughts on that (which is awesome!), so I figured I owed you a (hot) take on if (how? when?) this should happen. First, there’s the obvious: no amount of uniform changes will make the team better. (Just ask the


Miami Marlins! Zing!)

The Colorado Rockies are going to still suck next year whether they make their uniforms pink, or blue, or wear giant hot dog costumes on the field. (They’ll suck even worse with the hot dog costumes, since that get-up would probably affect pitching mechanics and stuff.)

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Honestly, though, the uniform debate was a cool one — I found that people take uniforms way more seriously than I think I ever expected. One example of that is here, on this website, or in the accompanying tweet:

And, as you can see, the Rockies unfortunately have one of the worst-performing uniforms in all of baseball this year (currently, their black vests are an abysmal 6-18 in 2015).

So where do we go from here with uniforms? I suppose somebody could start, like, a petition calling on the Colorado Rockies to change their uniforms, though I’m not sure anybody really cares about it that much (and I’m not sure the club would actually listen to the fans in this way, either).

Certainly, people constantly throw potential future Rockies’ uniforms online for the world to see, too. This is a phenomenal example of that, where the Rox would embrace more purple and less black.

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Anyways, you guys resoundingly voted that you want to keep the purple and basic color scheme, and update the look and logo. I’m OK with that.

I think an earthy dark green combined with dark red or maroon (similar to what the Diamondbacks are using now, but less metallic) could be a great color combo for the Colorado Rockies, too — the Coors Field logo here got my brain running on that. But since they are the only current MLB team with purple, it makes sense to be unique.

I’m skeptical, though. This team moves slowly in many, many ways. The ownership group is loyal to a fault. I can’t help but feel that will extend to uniforms, logos, and color schemes. I suppose we can dream about massive uniform changes, but for some reason, I’m not banking on that happening to the relatively boring current uniform combination any time in the near future.

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