Colorado Rockies Poll: Our Last In-Season Check-Up On Walt Weiss


Jul 22, 2015; Denver, CO, USA; Colorado Rockies manager W. Weiss (22) reacts during the eighth inning against the Texas Rangers at Coors Field. The Rangers won 10-8. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

This will be the last time we ask this during the 2015 season, so we want to know: should the Colorado Rockies retain their manager next year, or can him and search for new blood?

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The Colorado Rockies’ front office insists they aren’t playing with a lame duck field manager, and Walt Weiss seems to believe that he’ll be back next season to manage the team.

Really? I mean, like, in your heart of hearts, do you really believe that Weiss is going to return to a team that (before entering play on Thursday) is 48-70 and on pace to go about 66-96 on the year.

I know it’s not all Weiss’ fault — you could even argue that with the team the front office has put on the field, the injuries that have befallen players like Adam Ottavino, Justin Morneau, and Corey Dickerson, and decisions like finally trading Troy Tulowitzki that none of this is Weiss’ fault — but fair or not, managers take the blame and the hit when teams struggle. Such is baseball.

So here is our Walt Weiss check-up poll…

As always, tweet things to us (@RoxPileFS, or me personally @BobbyDeMuro) and let us if you think Weiss will stick around. As a bonus, if you believe he won’t manage the Rockies next year… tell us who’ll be the new guy!

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