On The Colorado Rockies Beat: Godspeed, Ben Hochman!


Jul 9, 2015; Denver, CO, USA; A general view as fans covered up at Coors Field during a weather delay in the game between the Atlanta Braves against the Colorado Rockies. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Denver sports media is losing a very, very good columnist who covered the Colorado Rockies — and everything else — with knowledge, wit, humor, and class.

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The Colorado Rockies (well, all sports in Denver) are going to lose a good story teller this fall — Ben Hochman is departing the Denver Post in favor of his hometown newspaper in St. Louis.

(Ben didn’t work for the Rockies, of course, I just meant more that his work about the Rockies, and baseball — in addition to the stuff he’s done about all Denver sports — will be sorely missed.)

He announced it the other day, for those who missed it:

Anyways, it sucks to lose Hochman, and he’ll be sorely missed by probably most of Denver for his smart work, understanding of digital media and the transition newspapers and journalists should be making, and his really open and interactive nature. More “legacy” (read: print) sports media people ought to be like that (seriously, take a lesson).

So, since Hochman is leaving, it’s only fair to catalog some of his best/funniest/most meaningful work done in Denver, since, let’s face it… we’re not going to be linking out to the crappy Denver Post too often from here on out.

Here are some Hochman links to read (both new and old) if you’ve missed parts of his career:

Nine Innings  — First Inning: Peggy and Mark LoRusso

Nine Innings — Second Inning: Obie Sanni and the Jennings Family

Nine Innings — Third Inning: The Eaton Reds

Nine Innings — Fourth Inning: Lou Rotola

Nine Innings — Fifth Inning: LaTroy Hawkins

Nine Innings — Sixth Inning: Joey Meyer’s 582-Foot Home Run

Nine Innings — Seventh Inning: The Stretch

Nine Innings — Eighth Inning: Pickup Baseball

Nine Innings — Ninth Inning: The Baseball Bond

There’s a ton of notable stuff he’s done, but a few pieces really stick out in my mind, namely his piece on the Adams City High School football team that was a really cool multimedia feature that for once pushed the Post in a really smart digital direction (though I’m sure it wasn’t cheap).

Also, how can you not love him blowin’ up Dinger’s spot? Come on. If you like Dinger, you like the Commies, ya red.

This list isn’t mean to be inclusive, of course — it’s not even complete, compiled more so from his last year’s worth of material. But I had really wanted to link up his entire Nine Innings series when it was finished, so I get to do that anyways here… with Hochman unfortunately leaving at the conclusion. Good luck, man. You will be missed sorely. You deserve everything you get!

As for the Post… not for nothing, you guys might be in some trouble already and losing a really talented writer like Hochman cuts even deeper. But really, keep limpin’ to the barn with Woody and Les. They’ll lead you to the promised land. (Y’all deserve everything you get, too.)

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