The Colorado Rockies Actually Traded Troy Tulowitzki


Jun 13, 2015; Miami, FL, USA; Colorado Rockies shortstop T. Tulowitzki (2) looks on from the dugout during the third inning against the Miami Marlins at Marlins Park. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I’m still in shock that the Colorado Rockies actually pulled the trigger and traded their superstar shortstop to the Toronto Blue Jays. 

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I sit here one day later in utter disbelief that the Colorado Rockies actually traded Troy Tulowitzki. It probably should’ve happened two years ago.

And as we learn more about what the Toronto Blue Jays wanted and how long they’ve coveted him, it probably could’ve happened this winter — but it happened now, at the trade deadline in July 2015.

We’ve got a lot of posts up that are hopefully worth a look for you to read and analyze along with us about what the Tulo trade means for the club, etc., etc., but for this one, it’s more about the shock and disbelief: he’s actually gone. They did it. They really, actually did it!

I have to be honest: I’m really impressed with Jeff Bridich for this one. Yeah, it may absolutely come back to blow up in Bridich’s face, and maybe Jeff Hoffman and Miguel Castro are absolutely awful, but such is the risk you run with any trade. Occasionally, you do trade John Smoltz for Doyle Alexander.

More than that though, I’m so proud of Bridich (proud? What the hell am I, his dad?) for pulling the trigger and making a big move to do what was best for the ball club. No, making trades just to make trades isn’t the best thing to do (it’s awful). But the Rockies either had to get rid of Tulowitzki, or they had to win very, very, very quickly with him and Carlos Gonzalez aging fast.

This team wasn’t in on that second part, so they did the first one.

More than anything, this signals that the Rockies are now property of Jeff Bridich. He’s no Dan O’Dowd water carrier any more, guys — this was a move O’Dowd never made in the several year window when he probably should’ve pulled the trigger.

Henceforth, we may judge Bridich — and history may judge him harshly — but at least he, and the Rockies under his direction, seem to be telling their own story, instead of that of the former, inconsequential general manager and the bizarre situation in the owner’s box.

But seriously. Holy sh*t. The Colorado Rockies actually traded Troy Tulowitzki.

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