Let’s Get #Tulo To The All-Star Game


The All-Star Game Final Vote candidates have been announced, and the Rockies’ star shortstop is among them.

I never really thought it would come to this. Troy Tulowitzki, a Final Vote candidate? How is he anything less than a starter every single year? But we all know that Tulo isn’t having his best year, despite his current .321/.358/.847 line. He hasn’t been quite as electric in 2015. The talent is still there, but some of the fireworks have been missing. Plus, he’s been consistently healthy, missing only scheduled off-days, and the Rockies still stink. It may be that fans outside of Denver are looking at Tulo and wondering why he still isn’t getting his team to the top of the division. They’re wrong to put it all on his shoulders, of course, but isn’t it more fun to see a guy like Jhonny Peralta, whose team is winning?

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The good news is, the Rockies haven’t gone entirely unnoticed. DJ LeMahieu and Nolan Arenado were selected as reserves, though I see LeMahieu as more of a Charlie-Blackmon-type selection who is riding the wave of a first half he will never replicate. It’ll be fun to see those guys come in some time during the game for the National League.

It’s not enough, though. An All-Star game without our All-Star shortstop just feels wrong. We need to do our part to get him there. Luckily, you can vote as many times as you want for him, instead of only 35 per email address (or however Royals fans were doing it). Vote in the following ways:

  • Go to the mlb.com Final Vote page and click the heck out of Tulo. You have to fill in your information once, but after that it’s saved and all you have to do is keep typing in the numbers that prove you’re not a bot.
  • Text “N5” to 89269. Obviously you are limited to the number of text messages your plan allows, but who has a limit on those anymore?
  • Tweet “#TULO” all day every day. All the other players have a reference to the game or the vote in their hashtags; only Tulo just gets his nickname. That feels like a sign that he just belongs there. The downside of this method is that all your Twitter followers will see a ton of #TULOs in their feed from you and everybody else, but we can all take one for the team here. Or you can just set up a dummy account and use it only to vote!.

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I admit that I have not been much of a Final Voter the last few years. That’s because in 2011 I voted for Todd Helton constantly. It was basically all I did during those couple of days. And he still fell so far short of Shane Victorino, it felt like I’d totally wasted my time. But you know what they say about voting: If you don’t do it, you have no right to complain. So let’s vote like crazy, and then we can all complain like crazy next Tuesday night!