Colorado Rockies 3B Nolan Arenado Could Totally Win MVP, You Guys


Jun 1, 2015; Denver, CO, USA; Colorado Rockies third baseman N. Arenado (28) before the game against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Coors Field. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rockies’ third baseman is having a career season as the club is halfway through the year — does he have a shot at the biggest individual award in baseball?

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It was sad to wake up to news this morning that Miami Marlins stud Giancarlo Stanton is going to miss at least 4-6 weeks with a broken bone in his hand. Stanton — who has already killed the Colorado Rockies this year, so hey, we got nothin’ to lose by cheering for him — is a fun player to watch and arguably the best player in the National League.

You’d have to assume that Stanton’s disappearance for six weeks would negatively impact his chase for the National League MVP Award this year. To fill that vacuum, enter: Nolan Arenado?

Yes! Let’s all let our irresponsible assumptions and hopes and dreams of Arenado’s glory and national recognition begin! Let’s foist unrealistic demands and aspirations on a young player who’s already been given a big responsibility on a Major League Baseball team!

If it seems like we are writing about Arenado quite a bit lately, that’s because we are. And we should be. He’s hit six home runs in his last five games, for goodness’ sake. And while that pace will not continue all season, Arenado now has a legitimate shot to be the Most Valuable Player in the National League.

Sure, he has to keep doing what he’s been doing — the Rockies are obviously only halfway through the year with a lot of baseball to be played — but Arenado, along with Paul Goldschmidt and Bryce Harper, must be considered a front runner for the MVP Award.

In a weird way, all the MVP talk that may come in the next few weeks if/when Arenado keeps up his high level of play will be great for the young third baseman’s development. Can he block out the media bull crap,  play for the team, and recognize each individual game situation, as opposed to worrying about stats or highlights? Can he focus on doing what he needs to do on the field, knowing the way he plays will take care of all the MVP stuff without him trying to do too much?

And of course, Arenado’s hypothetical MVP candidacy depends not only on his play, but how well the Rockies do. It’s not a stretch to say that Troy Tulowitzki‘s MVP-caliber seasons have been hurt by the Rockies’ failure to contend (see: 2011).

But all those acknowledgments are boring! Let’s go crazy! Arenado for MVP! Best in baseball!

Ok, I’ll calm down. Rockies start in about two hours. See ya there.

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