The Colorado Rockies Head To Houston And Their Final Time Upon Tal’s Hill


Tal’s Hill in center field in Houston’s Minute Maid Park (Image via YouTube/MLB).

The Colorado Rockies will get one more look at Tal’s Hill today and tomorrow, before it’s destroyed forever by the Houston Astros at the end of the baseball season. Should it be?

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Tal’s Hill — the interesting quirk out in center field at Minute Maid Park, home of the Houston Astros — will be removed after the end of the baseball season after myriad concerns about its place in Major League Baseball. It will be replaced, of course, by seats and concessions (gotta monetize it somehow! Maybe a little corporate branding will seal the deal). And it’ll go down as, well, one of the last weird things on a Major League Baseball field.

One of our FanSided Network counterpart blogs, Climbing Tal’s Hill, will no doubt be pissed about the change — they’ve gotta come up with a new name, probably — but other than that, there are some people around baseball happy to see it go, and some a little upset that it’s going to leave.

I understand the injury concerns, though no one has ever been injured on it… so… look, truth be told, I’m kind of sad it’s going to disappear. I like weird little stadium quirks, and if it doesn’t affect the game too much (which Tal’s Hill doesn’t — it’s not involved in that many plays) then why not keep it as a unique feature to Houston’s ballpark?

But, no.

So, our poll question today, as the Colorado Rockies take on the Astros for their final two games ever before the center field hill:

Not that this actually matters, since the Rox won’t play in Houston again this year, but certainly the Tal’s Hill fiasco will affect how future teams build their ballparks and create unique fan experiences…

Anyways, as always, you can tweet us (or me) your thoughts if you’ve got them beyond the quick poll!

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