It’s Time to Pull the Pin


Apr 23, 2015; Denver, CO, USA; Colorado Rockies left fielder Corey Dickerson (6) hits a home run during the fifth inning against the San Diego Padres at Coors Field. The Rockies won 2-1. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

This Rockies group is done. Pull the pin!

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It’s over. It’s time to pull the pin and blow this whole thing up. What are we really doing here?  What are we expecting to happen?  Do we really think that Troy Tulowitzki, who is hitting .289 with 4 HR and 21 RBI’s this year is suddenly going to go on a four month tear and carry this team to a wild card? Not this year.  Not in this division. Heck, maybe not in this decade.

Let’s not forget to mention one time All-Star, five-tool stud, and perennial batting champion contender Carlos Gonzalez.  Where did he go anyway?  After a 2014 in which he had knee problems, finger tumors, and some hard times at home, 2015 is worse.  Did you think it could get worse?  I didn’t.  I expected the old Cargo to return.  I expected 3rd deck laser shows.  Hand cannons from right field to the plate.  Sure, we’ve seen monster home runs from him, four of them to be exact.  The problem hasn’t been the distance at which Cargo hits the long ball, but it’s June and he only has four.  That’s the same amount as recently called up Ben Paulsen, that’s the problem.

The Rockies two “stars”, are fading fast this year.  Pressing too hard.  Not doing anything in a lineup that could be the cream of the National League when firing on all cylinders.  The bigger problem is neither have a ton of trade value at the moment.  Sure, we could move Tulo. Who wouldn’t want that guy manning the 6 hole?  Personally, I think he has a lot of productive years left. This year just doesn’t appear to be it.

That hurts when July 30th rolls around and we need some big time prospects to help get this team out of the cellar in years to come.  Cargo on the other hand has even less value.  He’s chasing pitches out of the zone, he’s not hitting to the left side of the field and he’s not staying back on pitches.  With the stat line of a .219 AVG, 4 HR and 13 RBI, it leaves much to be desired for any team thinking of dealing for the struggling star.

What about Jorge De La Rosa?  Move him at the trade deadline.  He’s 35 and hasn’t been nearly as good as previous years.  Let’s make some room for the future.  You’ve likely already read my opinion on Kyle Kendrick, so I’ll leave that alone.  Justin Morneau?  I wrote about that too.  Unfortunately, I think it’s time to blow this team up, no matter what the return.

The Rockies management needs to build a team around their youthful up and coming stars. Nolan Arenado, Corey Dickerson, Jon Gray and Eddie Butler.  They need to sign Arenado and Dickerson to long term deals and buy out the arbitration years. Lock them down now.

Have you seen Arenado lately?  Somehow he’s fourth in All-Star voting at third base, but he’s leading the world in highlight real plays this year. Oh, and he’s won two gold gloves in two years. Not bad for a guy who was touted for his offense and not defense coming up.  He also happens to be coming into his own at the plate, hitting .289 with 13 HR, 39 RBI and an impressive .908 OPS.  What about “Dickmania” (thanks Purple Row for that one), Dickerson can hit in his sleep and has one speed, fast (but not always graceful).

He hit 25 HR last year while being a few at-bats short of contending for the batting title. This year he’s battled plantar fascitis, but when he’s been on the field he’s hit .306/5/16.

D.J. LeMahieu is deserving of a long term deal.  Maybe not to the monetary value that the previous two would command, but lock him down as well.  Two gold gloves on the infield doesn’t sound like a terrible thing to have for the foreseeable future.  Put Gray and Butler at the front of your rotation followed by Chad Bettis, David Hale and a healthy Tyler Chatwood (Let’s not forget that he’s only twenty-five).

Jordan Lyles shouldn’t be overlooked either. He’s twenty-four and when healthy has been pretty darn good.  He was a first round pick of the 2008 draft that was rushed to the Major Leagues to help a bad Astros team.  He was forced to learn how to be a professional at the highest level.  He didn’t have a ton of success early on, but he has developed into a pretty good starting pitcher.  The future of the Rockies pitching staff looks pretty bright if you ask me and those are just the Major League ready guys.

In our Minor League system, the ace of last years Tulsa Drillers AA team wasn’t the highly touted Jon Gray or Eddie Butler, it was Tyler Anderson.  He went 7-4 with a 1.98 ERA before being shelved with an elbow fracture.  He’s still dealing with issues from that injury, but when he’s healthy again, he definitely provides another future option at the big league level.  Last years first round pick, pitcher Kyle Freeland falls into that same category.  Big time upside but not anywhere near making an impact at Coors.  Outfielder David Dahl is probably another year or two away from making a name for himself in Denver, but he has a bright future ahead.  He’s had some on again off again issues (some injuries/some personal), but in his full seasons, he’s been an All-Star at two different levels.

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Trevor Story is likely going to be the heir apparent to Troy Tulowitzki, but unless Tulo is dealt in the next month, he won’t an impact at Coors Field this year. So far he’s hitting .311, with 7HR and 30RBI’s for the New Britian Rock Cats.

Tom Murphy should pick up right where Nick Hundley leaves off when his time with the Rockies is over.  Murphy is hitting .286 with 8 HR and 29 RBI’s in AA.

I could cover a ton of other talent that should end up at Coors field, but that’s not the point.  The point is there’s a plethora of young talent in this Rockies system that, if given time, will make a big impact at Coors Field.  It’s time to let them start.