Colorado Rockies Hot Or Not, Week 6


Apr 22, 2015; Denver, CO, USA; Colorado Rockies pinch hitter Daniel Descalso (3) reacts after hitting a walk off single during the ninth inning against the San Diego Padres at Coors Field. The Rockies won 5-4. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rockies have been I guess, um, maybe a little hotter than usual this week? Who knows. Guess we’ll find out in this week’s edition of Rockies Tinder!

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Since we last spoke about this roughly eight days ago, the Rockies have gone 3-5, winning two games in Los Angeles against the Dodgers (yay!), but getting swept by the Angels and losing one of their first two at home against the Phillies.

So, it’s been a mixed bag, to say the least. But luckily, that’s why we have Hot Or Not, the world famous game of Tinder featuring the best and worst of the last seven days for the Colorado Rockies!

Ok, let’s not get carried away about these posts… instead, why don’t we just jump into the good stuff? Remember, swiping right is good, and swiping left is very, very bad.


Daniel Descalso. Six for twelve with a home run and five RBIs in the last eight days? OK! This is a guy who nobody really expected very much of this year, and he’s coming alive just as the Rockies are about to trade Tulo and give Descalso looks as the starting shortstop (kidding, kidding, put away your pitchforks, kids).

Nobody else on offense. No, really. Nobody else is hitting over .300 over the last eight games on offense, which is sad, even on the road, for a team with some of the offensive tools that the Colorado Rockies have. Special shout out to Wilin Rosario, who’s playing pretty well in his return from AAA Albuquerque, but it’s not like he – at 8-for-30 with a home run and a triple- or anyone else is killing it at the plate.

John Axford and Rafael Betancourt. These two aren’t working a ton, in light of the Rockies losing a lot lately, but 5.2 scoreless innings across six appearances with no hits allowed and just one walk (against two strikeouts) is pretty damn efficient. The Rockies need better bullpen work (lookin’ at you, Boone Logan), and it has started with Ax and Raffy.

Jorge De La Rosa. After an injury and a few difficult starts to begin his season, JDLR is finding his way with 7.2 scoreless innings the other day in Los Angeles against the Dodgers. Groin issue aside, he’s still scheduled to start the day game Thursday in Denver against the Phillies.

Christian Bergman. Bergman took one for the team in Los Angeles when Jordan Lyles went down after one inning of his start against the Angels, and Bergman was nothing but masterful. What’s this guy gotta do to earn a start or two?

Kyle Kendrick. Hey, we’ve blown up KK a lot this season, so when he goes seven innings deep two games in a row and throws the ball well enough to win both times (despite the offense being unable to pick him up), he deserves credit for turning things around on the mound. We’ll see how that goes moving forward, but Kendrick has been throwing the ball well lately and deserves the nod.


Drew Stubbs. Eleven strikeouts in nineteen at-bats. He keeps striking out. Maybe Andrew Dill is right.

Charlie Blackmon. Blackmon started the season cold. Then he got really hot for a few weeks. Now he’s really cold again. Hitting .192 with just one walk and 12 strikeouts in his last 26 at-bats is Stubbs-like, but Blackmon has shown to be a streaky hitter thus far this season to both extremes, so perhaps it’s just a matter of waiting another week for him to get red-hot again.

Nolan Arenado. At 6-for-28 with a home run and nine strikeouts in the last week, Arenado’s been fading a little bit. That’s to be expected throughout the year; nobody is going to hit .350 every week. Nevertheless, he takes the collar on a left-swipe this week.

Eddie Butler. Butler’s been fading a little bit lately, and his start this week saw him allow six hits and four walks in less than three innings on the mound. When does Eddie start missing some bats and throwing more strikes? It’s now been seven starts, and he’s only struck out 20 hitters – against a whopping 23 walks – in 34 innings this season.

Boone Logan. It’s a scene, man.

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Well, there you have it. Not a lot of success for the team this week, but I guess it could’ve been much worse than 3-5, and those two wins in Los Angeles were noteworthy.

Let’s see how these Rockies finish out their series against the lowly Phillies. Are we battling it out for the National League basement? Is anyone going to be at Coors Field tonight for the game? Does it even matter?