Rockies And Dodgers Again? Shorten The Season, Rob Manfred


May 7, 2015; Kansas City, MO, USA; MLB commissioner Rob Manfred speaks at a press conference before the game between the Kansas City Royals and Cleveland Indians at Kauffman Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockies will drop three of the four games at Dodger Stadium this weekend, but that’s not really why I’m posting today. 

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This is normally where I make my prediction about the Rockies upcoming series.  My record fell to 8-2-1 after a poor Rafael Betancourt showing on May 12th.

My prediction for the upcoming foursome with the Dodgers is that the Rockies will win at least one damned game…  BUT they will lose the series.

If I may though, I’d like to take this article in a different direction.

The MLB regular season is TOO LONG! 

New MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has been quoted as saying it’s not a high priority issue, but that he is open to change:

"“I don’t think length of season is a topic that can’t ever be discussed,” Manfred told “I don’t think it would be impossible to go back to 154 [games].”"

That’s a great start, Mr. Manfred but I’m thinking more along the lines of reducing the schedule from 162 to 142 games.  Before I start explaining my reasoning, here is the formula used by the MLB to develop the schedule:

"19 games × 4 opponents in-division (76 games), 6 or 7 x 10 interdivision games within-league (66 games), 20 inter-league games"

No, I’m not simply suggesting chopping off the 20 interleague games team play (although it is logical).  I am suggesting the reduction of in-division games from 19 to 14.

I understand the schedule maker may still “glitch” and throw a divisional team at you 10 times in a month span. The example here (and the reason I’m ranting) being that from April 17-May 17 our Rockies saw the Dodgers on their schedule 10 times.

The number 14 sounds like a good number for in-division opponent meetings.  It allows for a simple format of 7 home games and 7 road games per in-division foe – one three game series, and one four game series.

This isn’t a sour grapes article, because last season the Rockies had a winning record versus three of four NL West opponents.  This is an appeal to keep the season start times the same, but have the World Series end before November comes knocking on the door.

The 2015 World Series is scheduled to begin October 27.  Taking 20 games out of the schedule means pushing that start date up three weeks, making it October 6th.  For all the teams not located in the Sun Belt or a domed stadium, that would more than make up for the lost games during the season.

Of course, I know I won’t get my wish cause MLB owners are greedy, and won’t give up 10 home dates versus “prime” opponents. But a guy can dream, right?