Colorado Rockies Links: Drivin’ Up The Five


Jan 5, 2015; Los Angeles, CA, USA; General view of the downtown Los Angeles skyline and the Harbor Freeway (Interstate 110) before the NBA game between the Atlanta Hawks and Los Angeles Clippers. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rockies head up Interstate 5 from Anaheim to Los Angeles today, to take on the Dodgers for four games over the weekend. Oh yay. Links here.

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For all you non-LA people (losers), we here in the City of fallen Angels call our interstates by number with a “the” in front of it; the one-ten (pictured here), the one-oh-one (don’t drive to Sherman Oaks from Hollywood at 4pm unless you want to get there three hours late), the seven-ten (I’ve lived here for two years and I’m still not exactly sure where this is), the four-oh-five (never ever ever drive on it ever or else you will die), and the five.

The five pretty much runs from Angel Stadium to Dodger Stadium, so last night after the Rockies’ final game at the Big A, they huffed it up the five and into Echo Park where (a) hipsters live, and (b) the Dodgers play. It takes like 40 minutes to do that with no traffic, but in Los Angeles, there’s always traffic! Yay!

Ok, you don’t care about LA and you certainly don’t care about the fact that I live here (haters), so let’s just get down to the links you need to know about today.

Rockies have tried everything, so now what? (FoxSports/JABO).
Dagnabbit. Plus some Tulo talk in there, because of course, there will always be Tulo talk in there. Get ready for two straight months of Tulo talk from us and literally everyone else around the Rockies.

Tulo trade rumors, thoughts, and potential partners (Denver Post).
Did I mention Tulo talk? Patrick Saunders gives his likely trade partners, if it happens. My personal money is on the Seattle Mariners or Los Angeles Angels. Both fancy themselves contenders, spend lots of money, and have a huge need for an impact bat (and the Mariners desperately need a shortstop).

MLB Power Rankings (FanSided).
I sent you guys directly to page seven (!) on that link, because, um, your Colorado Rockies are not in first place. But we are still better than the Phillies, and we play them soon! Free wins?

What’s the matter with Carlos Gonzalez? (Purple Row).
Jay Milnes on why CarGo might be struggling, hypothesizing about some possible culprits but also noting that, despite all the numbers, there may be something else going on, whether psychologically or otherwise. But for the stat heads out there, a good rundown on CarGo’s BABIP, plate coverage, and more.

Franco’s return begins the re-build (That Ball’s Outta Here).
Speaking of those aforementioned Phillies, here’s a top prospect for them – Maikel Franco – who will likely see the Rockies next week when they come to town (and then again the following week when the Rox head to the city of brotherly love).

Joc Pederson’s amazing April and other rookie first months (Lasorda’s Lair).
Stacie Wheeler provides a little context to just how good Pederson’s April was, how it compares to an assortment of other rookies, and how the Dodgers seem to have an embarrassment of riches with their younger players. Do we really have to play this team again so soon?

San Francisco bans chewing tobacco in their stadiums (FanSided).
And you know what? Thank God for that. Dippin’ is gross, man. Brushing your teeth is super cool. (Seriously.)