A Narrative of Inaccuracies: How Woody Paige and Mark Kiszla Frame the Discussion


Party deck, Drew Stubbs, and Tulo to the Yankees, party deck, Drew Stubbs, and Tulo to the Yankees, party deck, Drew Stubbs, and Tulo to the Yankees.

After a weekend that started with people calling me an idiot, Woody Paige finished it by filing his own response to my post calling for the end to the ridiculously silly columns he and his pal Mark Kiszla write week to week.

But he, like some of the people that were kind enough to comment on Facebook, absolutely missed the mark.

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Striking out like Drew Stubbs, the man he lambastes in the middle of his column, Woody continues what he and Mark have established as the frame for their discussion, I call it The Narrative of Inaccuracies (trademark Connor Farrell).

David Martin of Rockies Review already wrote a perfect response to Woody’s Sunday column, so I won’t touch that. He perfectly responded to every point Woody made and I won’t just pile on, so go ahead and read that.

My criticism is in the way these men use these inaccuracies to frame a discussion. These posts and tweets not only fuel the negative fire that leads to men bullying grandmothers off the Facebook page but also leads to people continuing to spout inaccurate arguments to support themselves as they claim I have no leg to stand on. It’s why I wrote what I wrote; I’m not upset with people being negative, I’m upset with the way these arguments are presented. I’m upset with the way Rockies fans are now being characterized as people upset with a party deck and asking the team to trade their best player to a team that can’t provide the best return.

That starts with Woody and Kiz, starts with arguments framed in inaccurate findings. Drew Stubbs has become the target of ire for Woody and many a Rockies fan, for example. He deserves criticism I agree, but does a garbage month completely invalidate his contract? No, how easy it is to forget that all things considered, Stubbs was a bright spot in 2014. Do I think Stubbs was a good signing? At this point, how could I? Do I think Rockies fans should burn down Coors Field because of his signing? God, no. Every team in baseball makes mistakes like Stubbs. Including those precious Yankees everyone keeps bringing up.

Oh, yeah. The Yankees. Woody Paige and Mark Kiszla love to talk about the Yankees, especially when it comes to our shortstop. Tulowitzki’s love for Derek Jeter doesn’t help this but the idea that the Rockies will be moving their star to the Bronx is an idea based in the past. It’s another argument framed in wrong information, the Yankees farm system isn’t anywhere near the other players in the Tulo discussion. Their top pitching prospect, Luis Severino, is intriguing but he’s one piece. When the Mets and Cardinals can offer packages of top prospects and system building pieces, it’s difficult to see why the Yankees would even be in the running for the guy.

But, Woody and Mark don’t care about that when they can frame the argument in misinformation. The Yankees are the team fans will notice, the Yankees used to be the team that always got your best player. But they’re not that team anymore. They haven’t been for a while. It’s inaccurate information and it does nothing but damage the discourse amongst Rockies fans.

The party deck is something I’m done debating, the accurate information is out there and it’s been presented by our side over and over again. But, that doesn’t matter to Mark and Woody. They love to use it as their best joke against Dick Monfort. Like Dane Cook never got over his first HBO Special, Paige and Kiszla can’t move past this party deck. It encourages misinformation in the discourse which halts discussion. How am I supposed to discuss how to fix the Rockies when all I get in response is some jagbag yelling about the party deck?

There are so many good arguments against Dick Monfort, some of them presented by Woody and the fans on his side. But these arguments are shrouded by the Tea Party, shrouded by those shouting misinformation and calling people names. You’re hurting your cause; you’re a virus in your own movement.

We’re all frustrated in this team, nobody is out to cheer for a loser, but to frame your narrative in misinformation is helping no one but your page views. You halt the discourse and make it impossible to debate your side, because we always have to stop to correct you on your bulls**t.

I wrote on this very website my frustration with the Rockies pursuit of Kendrick, I also wrote about my frustration with how the Rockies evaluate pitching in this environment. I’m not leading the Dick Monfort parade, pals.

But how can I make a case for the Rockies improvement when all anyone will whine about is the party deck? How can I make a case for the building of this team when the conversation just falls back into complaining about Monfort and Drew Stubbs? We get it. You’re mad at the owner, how about adding something to the discussion?

The worst part about Woody and Mark is they’re contagious, they have an audience that reacts the way they do. Anyone who stands just an inch against them is suddenly labeled as a Monfort water boy, easily dismissed as a “click baiting idiot apologist”. You’re not helping your side; you’re only killing your movement and I’m here to watch it fall.

The Narrative of Inaccuracies is a poor frame to win your critics over, how about trying that instead of fighting us? Instead of inviting us on your show to debate, instead of picking on us by calling us the wrong name, how about attempt to present your argument in an accurate way?

I guess that wouldn’t sell papers.

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