What Should The Colorado Rockies Do About Kyle Kendrick?


Apr 11, 2015; Denver, CO, USA; Colorado Rockies starting pitcher Kyle Kendrick (38) reacts after walking a batter during the second inning against the Chicago Cubs at Coors Field. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Kendrick has now had four bad starts out of his first five appearances for the Colorado Rockies, and the question becomes… what do you do with him?

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Kyle Kendrick’s numbers aren’t great, and they get worse if you take away his Opening Day gem against the Milwaukee Brewers. Not only is he getting hit hard (eight home runs in five starts), he’s failing to go deep into games (28 innings overall, and just 21 in his last four starts), and he isn’t pitching well enough to keep the Rockies in most games (he’s allowed eight runs in two separate starts, and six runs in a third).

Yes, it’s a small sample size, and taking bad stats at the start of the season with a grain of salt is just the same as understanding DJ LeMahieu won’t hit .415 or win the batting title this year just because he started off so well.

But there’s also a point where a bad starts blends into a terrible season, and I can’t help but wonder if (when?) Kendrick will reach that point relatively soon. How long is the leash? How much time do you give him to figure it out? Sure, he’s bullish about figuring out his problems, and he understands the urgency therein. And the Rockies don’t have a lot of great options waiting (at least, right now) to take his place.

So for another few turns through the rotation, the team’s hands might be tied and Kendrick might be let alone to work his problems out. I can’t imagine he’d get five more starts at this pace, but I think at least two or three is certainly feasible.

But then again, what the hell do I know? So instead of more pontification from me, let’s give you a crack at it.

Today’s poll question is, well, what the hell do we do about Kyle Kendrick? There are a few options below but please, if I missed one, or if you have another idea, tweet it to @RoxPileFS or to me personally at @BobbyDeMuro. I’d love to hear your thoughts on Kendrick’s rotation spot, good or bad.

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