Colorado Rockies Links, Arizona Edition


Apr 26, 2015; Denver, CO, USA; A general view of Coors Field. The game between the San Francisco Giants and Colorado Rockies was cancelled due to weather. Today marks the 20th anniversary of the opening of the ballpark. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rockies are in Phoenix now facing the Arizona Diamondbacks, and since it’s been a few days, let’s catch you up on the baseball world.

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Lots of stuff has been going on for the Colorado Rockies this week, with a 20th anniversary celebration of their 1995 playoff club, and in turn, the celebration of 20 years of Coors Field as a venue.

So let’s catch you up on things that have been going on around the Rockies, as the club prepares to take on what I can only assume is a merry band of 82-year olds in Phoenix this weekend.**

CarGo is off to the worst start of his Rockies career (Denver Post).
We asked a poll question the other day about CarGo’s slump and what you thought about him coming out of it. Patrick Saunders has a great chart about CarGo’s starts with the Rockies, and, it ain’t pretty this year. At least he got three hits in the last two games in Denver against the Giants.

Catching up with former Rockies outfielder Mike Kingery (Purple Row).
Bryan Kilpatrick was at the Rockies’ 20th anniversary celebration festivities all weekend (well, until they were drowned out by the rain on Sunday), and spoke to Kingery about his 1994 season and experience in Denver.

Series Recap 4/24-4/26: Walk Like A Giant (Rockies Zingers).
For the less serious among us, Jake Shapiro has recapped the entire Giants series with, like, haikus or something. I don’t know, I didn’t read it. I’m only linking to it because I’m concerned about Jake’s mental health and worried that if somebody – very soon – doesn’t tell him the truth about him not being funny, he’s going to embarrass himself. GET IT TOGETHER, JAKE.

Colorado Rockies have losing psyche (Denver Post).
Dude, let it go. No matter what the Monforts did, JAMES SHIELDS DID NOT WANT TO PITCH IN COLORADO AND YOUR ARGUMENT IS MOOT FROM THE GET-GO. The Rockies could have thrown him $100 million, and it wouldn’t have happened. Stop.

This is, unfortunately, the classic argument of people who don’t understand baseball, when they talk about baseball: throw more money at it! The Yankees do it, so why can’t we! If we just give players a lot of money, we would win! Look at the Dodgers! And it proves the Padres want to win now! (While completely failing to understand where and why the Padres fall short and what it means for their season beyond just the media-friendly “big name” acquisitions.)

**before you rip me a new one, that’s a joke, Diamondbacks fans. We were just kidding. We know you’re not all 82 years old.

Some of you are only 79. BAZINGA.