Colorado Rockies Links: Home Opener Eve


Mar 31, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; MLB practice baseballs sit on the field before opening day baseball game between the Colorado Rockies and the Miami Marlins. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The second best day in baseball – after Opening Day – is the home opener (you know, if Opening Day is on the road like it was for the Colorado Rockies). Anyways, here are some news, notes, and Rockies links from around the web, kids. 

The Colorado Rockies face the Cubs tomorrow at Coors Field, and you should go!

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My dad will be there. Since I live in Los Angeles, I will not be there. I will probably be on a beach or something.

Watching those wacky youngsters longboard down the boardwalk and OH MY GOD WATCH OUT FOR THAT OLD PERSON YOU KIDS WILL GET SOMEBODY KILLED.

Sorry. I meant to just think that.

Here are things from around the Interwebz to get you through the off day:

Tulo and the Rockies are playing with a chip on their shoulder.

Good! They should be! I’m bullish on this being the year Tulo gets fully healthy and plays 145+ games (CarGo, too!), since he’s been tired of the trade and injury talk and will want to prove to everyone – mostly, himself – that he’s the best player in baseball. Tulo’s one of the most intense competitors in baseball, and it’s about time that starts bleeding out to the rest of the team every day, every game.

Jeff Bridich returns home to Milwaukee for his first series as GM.

That’s a nice piece from Tom Haudricourt in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel about Bridich and his Wisconsin ties, and what it means for him and his family to have his first series as general manager occur in his hometown.

Kyle Kendrick raves about Nick Hundley.

Don’t count on Kendrick to throw seven scoreless innings every outing, now, but do count on Hundley to do for the rest of the staff exactly what he did for Kendrick on Opening Day. If the rest of the pitchers react to Hundley the way Kendrick did Monday, the Rockies will sneak up on some people.

Twenty years ago yesterday, the Rockies acquired Larry Walker.

Ah, the memories. Walker. Bichette. Galarraga. Castilla. What a time it was to be a Rockies fan! Even Ellis Burks was hitting 40 home runs at Coors Field in the mid-90s! And John Vander Wal was there! What a time to be alive!


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