Troy Tulowitzki rumors: Well, there are no rumors, actually


Troy Tulowitzki will not be traded, but the rumors about even a glimmer of a possibility of a trade are still emerging.

The Colorado Rockies played it coy for a while this off-season. They let on that they were “willing to listen” on trade offers for Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki. That gave the real possibility that a deal could happen this off-season, if only for a brief period of time.

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That possibility has been squashed in recent weeks, however, especially in the case of Tulowitzki. First, word came from co-owner Charlie Monfort via a report in the New York Post:

"Charlie Monfort, co-owner of the Colorado Rockies, smiled when The Post told him of the many Mets fans who would love to see Troy Tulowitzki get traded to Citi Field.“It’s not happening,” Monfort responded."

That’s a good place to start, though it is specifically about the Mets and it is sort of random that Charlie Monfort and not his brother Dick was the one to speak up.

Last week, Rox Pile’s own Troy Olsen heard directly from Jeff Bridich what had already been reported other places: a trade is not happening.

Those are the most recent in a series of reports that this just is not going to happen. Juicy though a trade involving a franchise shortstop would be, Troy Tulowitzki is clearly going to play the 2015 season with the Rockies. And yet, inexplicably, Jon Heyman still felt the need to pass along this nugget on Saturday.

We know, man. We know. With respect to the hard work that Heyman and company put in on a day-to-day basis, this is just silly.

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This is consistent with the tone of the other “reports” about a potential Tulowitzki trade. The structure is consistent. A tidbit from a source that a trade is not happening, then speculation about reasons that it “could happen” eventually. Which is nothing, actually.

As I have said and will say, these always feel more like a national reporter trying to wish a Troy Tulowitzki trade into existence than anything more substantive than that.

So yes, Tulo will not be traded. CarGo won’t be either.

And on we go…

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