Troy Tulowitzki Won’t Be Traded, My Columns

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Trade rumors persist around Colorado Rockies‘ shortstop Troy Tulowitzki this off-season. Here is a deeper look at why he won’t be traded this winter.

Wouldn’t this be an interesting thing to talk about? If there was actually substance to any of the rumors surrounding a trade for Troy Tulowitzki, wouldn’t that be fascinating? Who can blame writers for big market teams and national networks, then, when they clearly wish that Tulo played for some time other than the relatively obscure Colorado Rockies?

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So often, a national ‘hot stove’ column opens with something that says that the Rockies should be looking to rebuild, so they could look to shed payroll, therefore it might make sense for them to trade Troy Tulowitzki in order to rebuild.

Then they follow up with a report from sources that the Rockies have talked to the Mets/Yankees/other MLB teams about trades for Tulowitzki. Finally, they conclude with the note that the Rockies are highly unlikely to actually trade him or that the talks were exploratory or that the interested team came away with the impression that Tulowitzki definitely won’t be traded.

I understand that this is the time of year that we can take any little grumbling or speculative thought and use it as fodder for baseball conversation…I love that. It’s what makes the off-season fun. It’s just that, in this case, I really don’t want the trade in question to happen.

Maybe it’s just the way we talk about these and other rumors, but on this topic, about which I am admittedly sensitive, it feels like there is an awfully quick leap to, “now that we know the Rockies might trade Troy Tulowitzki, let’s talk about it.”

None of this is out of bounds, of course. This is the fun of the off-season baseball chatter, even if the Troy Tulowitzki echo chamber has been especially silly this winter. In the end, people get to talk about why they think Tulo will or should be traded…

…and I get to say why the Rockies absolutely shouldn’t and why it won’t happen. My column(s).