The glorious return of Omar Quintanilla


Omar Quintanilla is back with the Colorado Rockies, signing a minor league deal this week.

The Rockies don’t need your negativity. I don’t need your negativity. Omar Quintanilla doesn’t need your negativity.

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I’m talking to you, naysayers. And you, Twitter-snarkers. I know what you’ve been saying about the return of Quintanilla, who signed a minor league deal with the Rockies this week (as reported by Matt Eddy of Baseball America). He probably knows, too, and let me tell you, neither of us appreciate it.

First, you say that the Rockies have done nothing this season. Then they do something, and now all you can do is make jokes and weigh us down with your negativity.

Sure, Quintanilla is more of a career minor league player. And yea, he brings a career .220/.287/.295 slash line with him. You can focus on that and be a total downer, or you can remember that Omar Quintanilla was also responsible for moments like this one:

Do you know what the headline was in the Denver Post the next day? I’ll tell you what it was: “Quintanilla saves the day.”

You’re damn right he did.

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Life was different the last time Quintanilla donned the purple pinstripes. It was 2009 and things were looking up for the Rockies. They were coming off their second playoff appearance in three years and looked like they were ready to stick as perennial playoff contenders.

Maybe the Rockies thought they were too good for Omar Quintanilla. Maybe they got a little bit cocky. Maybe they got a little bit big for their britches. Maybe they forgot where they came from.

I’m just glad that, five years later, Omar Quintanilla was willing to forgive them and return to the franchise that drafted him.

It might be that Quintanilla will spend the entirety of the 2015 in Albuquerque as a member of the Triple-A Isotopes. It is at this point, however, that we must acknowledge the unfortunate reality that the Rockies are a team that needs infield depth. Specifically, they need middle infield depth. More specifically yet, the Rockies need guys who can play shortstop…

…look, I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

Just don’t drag me and Omar Quintanilla down with your negativity…

…at least not until we see a starting lineup with Daniel Descalso and Omar Quintanilla in it. Then you can be as negative as you want.

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